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College of the Month




The University of Cincinnati, located in Cincinnati, Ohio, achieves a national ranking among public universities. In 1819, University of Cincinnati was created as the first and only medical-based University in Ohio. It grew exponentially in size since its conception, and by 1870, it became the public university of the city of Cincinnati. By the 1900s, the university was ready to release a new plan to create a more holistic positive education, hence co-op education was born in Cincinnati.


Co-op education is based on the idea of the removal of the classroom setting. Instead, students would receive real work experience from those who work in the field. Co-op education started as a way to remove tedious procedures such as lecturing. Widely used in medical schools and science based research universities, many cannot believe this key part of a secondary education started in a little school in Cincinnati.


The University of Cincinnati is incredibly popular these days. With’ division’ one sports and rivaling academics, the school has never had more of a buzz. And it shows in a major way: with forty-three thousand students and an ever- growing campus ,the University of Cincinnati is definitely doing something right.

Academics-wise, University of Cincinnati is no slouch either with 600 different degrees to offer. It ranks in the top 200s in the nation for academics and ranks number three in Forbes top 25 up and coming schools. This high-level education comes at a price; tuition for University of Cincinnati costs $26,000 a year.

Altogether,the University of Cincinnati is an intriguing school. It offers high level education and sports while still offering the urban community feel. For more information, visit http://www.uc.edu.




College of the Month