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Chagrin Chatter

If you were stranded on a desert island and had one teacher to be with, who would you choose and why?


Senior Ben Stapulionis- “Mr. Ricci, because he is pretty innovative and a beast.”

Senior Mark Rust- “Mr. Ricci, because he makes me laugh and he is super smart! ;)”

Junior Tom Vandertill- “Mr. Salyers, so I can boss him around.”

Junior Liam Hamann- “Mrs. Ponikvar, because she seems like a team player”

Junior Niko Papageorge- “Mr.Rosen, because of the Mexico story.”

Junior Andy Wood- “Mr.Rosen, because he would definitely know how to get off of a desert island.”

Freshman Joey King- “Mr. Puskas, because we could weave his hair into a sail or a shelter.”

Junior Eammon Lamonica- “Mr.Brownlow, because he is very resourceful and he would provide comic relief.

Junior David DiStalo- “Mrs. Kanzinger, because she is good with animals.”

Junior Kate Morgan- “Ms.Serensky, because I would die smart.”

Junior Liam Acremanne- “Mr.Maas, so I could hear him yell MAAATH one more time before I die.”

Senior Eric Sampsel- “Mr.Brownlow, his outdoor loving nature and experience in rural Auburn would make him perfect. And he would get in contact with Mr.Roberts and we would be free. Oh and did I mention he is super optimistic?”

Freshman Paul Cantlay- “Mrs.Ashkettle, because she could hack at the trees and make a boat and shelter.”

Junior Bryan Passalaqua- “Mrs.Anderson, because she is good with nature and knows how an ecosystem works.”


Chagrin Chatter