Firearms Found at Orange and West Geauga

In the past month, students have been found in possession of firearms on school property at Orange High School and West Geauga High School. 

 According to On April 3, 2023, a West Geauga student had been arrested for being in possession of  a firearm while on school property. He was taken into custody by the Chester Township Police Department. After the incident school had been dismissed for the rest of the day. 

This sparked a discussion at the West Geauga School Board of Education and many parents are demanding change. 

According, on May 2, 2023, a bullet was found in the Orange High School Cafeteria. The student who was in possession of the bullet had admitted to school officials that the bullet belonged to him. He led police officers to his car. It was searched by the officers and a rifle was found inside along with more ammo. 

The school had issued a partial lockdown during these events. 

The student faced a felony charge of illegal possession of a deadly weapon and a misdemeanor charge of inducing panic at the school.

According to Cleveland19 News the police had stated that they believed there was never an actual threat, but it is important to treat the situation as if there could be one. Officers interviewed the students family and they believe they meant no harm, but what the student did is still unacceptable. 

Parents at Orange High School overall believe that the situation was handled quite well. The superintendent of Orange School District commended the staff as well as law enforcement for their quick response to the situation.

Students at Chagrin Falls High School are in disbelief about what happened at both of these nearby schools.

“It is just really hard to believe that someone our age would own a gun, let alone bring it to school,” said CFHS junior Liam Butler. 

 Many students have had increasing anxiety with the increase in mass shootings across the country and firearms being found at nearby schools. 

“It’s just insane that after everything that has happened it is still easy for an eighteen year old to get a gun,” said CFHS junior Will Graham. 

Many students believe that stricter gun laws need to be passed in order to make it more difficult for students to obtain guns.

“I think all of this should be a reminder to everyone to speak up if anything suspicious is seen,” said Butler.