The Breakout Season from the Sacramento Kings


Photo courtesy of Google Commons

After a rough 2021-2022 season for the Sacramento Kings, they decided to turn it around in 2023 by being the third seed in the western conference.

With a 48-34 record and the coach of the year Mike Brown the Kings had the whole NBA in shock. The team is led by De’Aaron Fox and Domantas Sabonis with Kevin Huerter and Harrison Barnes adding in great depth to the lineup.

“What an exciting season for the Kings. Absolutely no one expected this to happen for them but they truly proved everyone wrong. I am hoping they can make a playoff run and can keep this momentum going. Everyone loves the underdogs,” senior Luke Cornell said.

The momentum is flying for the Kings and the city is all in. The Kings added a new win celebration where they “light the beam” in the city. The team smacks a button in the stadium and a beam lights up in the city. The beam has brought tons of attention to the team and they are no longer under the radar.

“The beam was an amazing idea. Everytime the Kings get a win you see videos all over social media of the beam getting lit up. The more videos you see the more you get invested in them,” Cornell said.

Sacramento will be taking on the defending champs the Golden State Warriors in round one of the playoffs. A very tough matchup for the team but after the season they had they should feel prepared.

“The battle of California in round one will be very entertaining. As a Cavs fan I do not like the Warriors whatsoever so I am forsure rooting for the Kings. I hope they can make it all the way to the finals and hopefully the Cavs can do the same,” Cornell said.