Mid year concert reviews


This year’s mid-year concerts were extra special because all the music groups are going to be performing at Disney World this upcoming spring break. Usually the midyear concert has more classical music selections and the spring concert has pop music selections, but because the performance in Disney is so close, the groups decided to switch the two concerts. The last time the music groups went to Disney world was 2018. 

The concerts were very well received by the students and the audience. Sophomore Claire Guddy is a part of both the band and the select choir. She enjoyed observing the differences between the two concerts. She noted that the combined orchestra and band concert was very interesting.

“The band/ orchestra concert was a little longer and seemed like more of a competition between the ensembles. While it was a great thing to be a part of, sometimes the choir community can be more welcoming and friendly due to the lack of competition between different groups,” said Guddy.

Senior Nathan Hill enjoyed the orchestra and band concert being combined. He liked how supportive the environment felt having both ensembles performing at one concert.

“I enjoyed getting to see different ensembles (string and wind ensemble) perform their pieces. I wish that as a music program we got to collaborate more,” said Hill.

Both the choir and band have newer teachers. The choir teacher, Mr. Zigmond, is new this year. This was his second choir concert at Chagrin Falls, his first winter concert.

Senior Avery Polcar really enjoyed the concert. This was her last winter concert in her high school career and she enjoyed every minute.

“I loved hearing all the hard work and variety in songs throughout all the different choirs. I think Mr. Z is doing a wonderful job incorporating his unique style and background into our music so we can try out different styles and talents,” said Polcar.

The new band teacher, Ms. Reed was new last year. Students have really enjoyed her teaching and the challenge she has brought to the program.

“Ms Reed is easily one of my favorite teachers because she is such a fun role model and connects with her students so well. She is so fun to have as a director for a wind ensemble and I feel she truly pushes all of her students to be the best they can be. I think that the level of music we’re working with is definitely a new challenge for the chagrin band but Ms Reed is doing a great job of bringing these harder pieces in gradually,” said Guddy.