Chagrin students prepare for girl scout season

It’s Girl Scout cookie season in Chagrin Falls. CFHS students appreciate girl scout cookies each season. 

 This spring students of Chagrin Falls were sent a survey asking them their favorite Girl Scout cookie, and an overwhelming 48.3% of people answered Caramel Delites, also known as Samoas. The second most common answer is thin mints, sitting at 27.6%. 

According to, Girl Scout cookies originated in 1917 in Muskogee Oklahoma. Nationwide sales began in 1922, this revolutionized marketing and funding for the Girl Scouts. 

Sophomore Alethea Svette says, “My favorite Girl Scout cookies are Thin Mints because growing up, they were my dad’s favorites so we always bought more of them than any other cookie. I always liked when my dad would put them in the freezer and we would then crush up the frozen cookies and put them on top of ice cream.”

 Girl scout cookies serve as a form of tradition to some, especially sophomore Lauren Vasko. 

“Girl Scout cookies represent tradition in my family because they are something that we’ve been buying every year for the past almost 10 years, and we bring them with us on spring break every year when we go to Florida, which means that Girl Scout cookies have a lot of good memories for me,” Vasko said.

Girl Scout cookies bring connection, every year Vasko and her family buy cookies from her father’s coworkers’ children that are scouts.

“My older sister used to be a Girl Scout so we would just buy them from her but since she isn’t any longer, we buy them from the little girls in my neighborhood. They are in second and third grade.”

The Svette Family has been buying Girl Scout cookies since 2011 when Alethea’s oldest sister became a Girl Scout.

“In my family, Girl Scout cookies represent tradition because we look forward to buying them each year and we have done this for almost as long as I can remember. My family and I enjoy having them as a car snack during our road trip to Florida for spring break,”Vasko said.

CFHS educational aide Mrs. Jennifer George has been working at Chagrin Falls High School since October 2022.

“My Oldest daughter has been participating in Girl Scouts for 10 years and is part of the 841 troop, she is in the senior age group which is in the 9th and 10th-grade range, my younger daughter has been a Girl Scout for 7 years, she is in 554 troops and the cadet age group this is the grades 6th through 8th,” Mrs. George said.

Mrs. George is also the troop leader for both of her daughters’ troops. 

“Girl Scouts has taught them the importance of helping others and volunteering for the community and people around them. Our troops plan events for younger Girl Scouts and also plan community service projects,” Mrs. George said.

Mrs. George expresses that her commitment is more monthly than daily, she contributes by running cookie booths with her daughters which is where the troops and their troop leaders stand outside under a booth and sell cookies, she helps to deliver the cookies and collect the money as well.

“Girl scout cookies are the largest female-led business in the world,” Mrs. George said.