CFHS Students React To 2023 Oscars

The 2023 Oscars, which took place on March 12, 2023, made history and the students of Chagrin Falls High School cannot wait to share their thoughts on it. 

Most importantly, this years Oscar’s made history with the first ever Asian woman to win an award at the Oscars. Michelle Yeoh won the award for best actress in a leading role for her phenomenal performance in “Everything Everywhere All at Once”

“It is pretty cool to see more diversity in the Oscars. I think she is a big reason the movie won so many other awards.” said CFHS junior Will Graham.

Everything Everywhere All at Once” did not just win the award for “Best Actress in a leading role”, it also won six other  academy awards. 

It won the most prestigious academy award of the night, Best Picture.

“I am such a huge fan of this movie. I saw it back when it came out and I thought it was one of the best movies I had ever seen in my life, so I am really happy to see it winning the award for best picture,” said CFHS junior Dylan Babic. 

Everything Everywhere All at Once” took many by surprise for winning the award since it had to compete with other nominees such as “Top Gun: Maverick”, “Avatar: The Way of Water”, “All Quiet on the Western Front”, “Elvis”, and “The Banshees of Inisherin”.

The movie also went on to win the awards for  Best Director, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Original Screenplay, and Best Film Editing. 

This year’s Academy Awards have become especially known for the tearful, heartfelt and inspiring speeches given by Brendan Fraser who won Best Actor in a leading role, and Ke Huy Quan who won best actor In a supporting role. 

“The speeches given this year surprisingly really moved me,” said CFHS junior Aiden Beresford. 

Fraser’s speech moved audiences with his message about persevering and moving forward despite the hardships in life.

“You could really hear the gratitude and the emotion in his voice and you could tell he wasn’t acting in any way,” said Beresford. 

Clips of Fraser’s speech had been shared all over social media platforms such as Tik Tok, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube. 

Ke Huay Quan’s speech was praised for its authenticity, humility, and sincerity. In Quan’s speech he thanked his mother and other family members for the sacrifices they made to help him get to where he is today. 

“This speech was by far the most special speech that we saw this year. The way he tearfully thanked his mother was so humble and genuine” said CFHS junior Luke Weaver. 

The Oscars this year had been a refreshing experience for many with unique and creative films winning many different awards. 

Most people were overall satisfied with the winners of each award at the Oscars and social media backlash has been minimal compared to previous years.

“I am excited to see what movies and actors win next year,” said Weaver.