Rolling into March Car of the Month : BMW x3


Photo by Louie Sutte

Watch out because there is a new pair of wheels coming to Chagrin Falls parking lot. Junior Luke Neimeier is loving his new 2007 black BMW x3 and other students are as well.
The car situation for Neimeier has been a bumpy road with his original car having several trips to the mechanic and it eventually breaks down. Neimeier knew he needed a new car and was really interested in BMW for the brand and just the overall shape of the car, and wow did his dad deliver, helping him fully pay for the car in the end.
“My dad was generous enough to buy the BMW,” Neimeier stated.
With the BMW being a little older Neimeier knew he wanted to upgrade some of the systems.
“First I wanted an apple carplay screen, which I was able to install to bring a new life to the interior,” Neimeier stated.
In addition more improvements came to “the beam,” which is the nickname for his car.
“The sunroof is also a very nice addition and the NEIMS license plate is a great aspect of personalization,” Neimeier said.
Overall people have very high praises for Neimeiers car however more improvements are coming.
“Generally my car seems to be enjoyable, however I do receive unsolicited slander for my rear windows not being able to go up and down, but I do plan on fixing that when the summer comes around,” Neimeier explained.
Close friend of Neimeier, sophomore Brix Niethammer rides in the car quite frequently.
“It is super spacious and very comfortable,” Niethammer said.
While she loves all of the cars she especially enjoys a few specific characteristics.
“I really like the jewelry piece he added to the rear view mirror and the tape over the windows. Adds some character for sure,” Niethammer stated.
Neimeier continues to improve his car everyday working numerous jobs to get enough money. Future renovations include fixing the back window and other small little things to make his driving experience the best it can be.
“Luke is an amazing driver, always driving safely and making sure everyone’s seatbelt is on, in total I would rate him a 8/10 driver,” Niethhammer stated.
All in all, with Neimeier amazing driving skills and a new car he is catching everyone’s attention.
“I love the car, it is very smooth on the road, has very little problems, and it looks amazing. I could not ask for anything better,” Neimeier said.