Students of Chagrin are raving over new album “One Thing At A Time”


Photo courtesy of Google Commons

Country artist Morgan Wallen has been on fire in the music industry, especially with his new album “One Thing At A Time”.

With the top 100 songs on streaming services like Apple Music and Spotify being dominated by Morgan Wallen’s music, it seems that his album has not disappointed.

“I just started listening to country music in the last couple of months and Morgan Wallen has been by far my favorite country artist. I think country music takes some getting used to but Morgan Wallen made the transition easy for me. His voice is amazing and I cannot stop listening to his new album,” senior James Kosmides said.

Ahead of the official release of the new album, Morgan Wallen released three of his new songs first. “Last night”, “Everything I Love”, and “I Wrote The Book” gave the world a sneak peek of what was coming. Out of the first three released songs “Last Night” has been the biggest hit and has surpassed over eighty million streams.

“‘Last Night’ is a phenomenal song and I think it kicked off the album in a great way. It made me super excited for the whole album so I think Morgan was very smart for releasing those three songs first. Morgan Wallen really never misses and I think he will continue to dominate the music industry,” Kosmides said.

The thirty six song album also has songs “Thinkin’ Bout me”, “Ain’t That Some”, “‘98 Braves”, “Sunrise”, “Cowgirls”, “Whiskey Friends”, and “Devil Don’t Know” who have also received an immense amount of streams after only a week of the album being released.

“I thought that the deeper I got into the album the better It got. I have yet to find a song in the album that I do not like. ‘Whiskey Friends’ is my favorite song in the album and it really puts me in a great mood when I listen to it in the car, especially when I’m having a rough morning,” senior Jackson Ducas said.

Morgan Wallen will also be going on tour in 2023 for his new album. The large amount of streams and feedback Morgan has received gave him no other choice.

“I would love to go out to a Morgan Wallen concert but with his fame that he has now it would probably be overly expensive. I hope that I can find some cheap tickets so I can get out to a show near me and have an amazing time. I’d expect every ticket to be sold out though,” senior Luke Cornell said.

Throughout 2023, students of Chagrin look forward to having Morgan Wallens new album playing in their headphones and in their car on the way to school. 

“Morgan Wallen really released this album at the perfect time. As it gets warmer out it gets better and better to listen to country music. This album gets me super excited for the summer coming up and I will definitely be listening to it almost every day in the summer,” Ducas said.