Lacrosse star leaps for success

Junior Lilly Murray is a lacrosse player for the Chagrin Falls High School girls lacrosse team. 

“My teammates support me in more ways than one. My team is the type that supports you on and off the field. They are always there to support me through my best and my worst games. Whenever I feel like giving up, they always rally together to keep me going and cheer me on,” Murray said. 

Sophomore Elizabeth Frank is a friend of Murray in and out of school.

 “I feel that Lilly and I work really well together. Even though we are in opposite positions, I feel as if we are always doing what we can to positively impact each other in the game,” Frank said.

The transition into lacrosse season can be challenging for those involved, Murray is excited and feels prepared to take on this change. 

 “My coaches support me by always pushing me to do my best. Whenever I’m about to fail or give up, they motivate me to keep on going. Without my coaches I don’t think I could have achieved what I have during my years playing highschool lacrosse. I’m super thankful for my coaches because they made me the player I am today,” Murray said. 

  It can be hard to continue with training in the off season, especially in the winter, but Murray trains as much as she can when the weather permits. 

“I feel as if it is very easy to lose your momentum of the sport  if you don’t put in a little effort during the off season. It also gives me plenty of time to improve my technique and get better the more I continue to practice,” Murray said. 

Murray has been playing lacrosse since fifth grade and will continue to play throughout her highschool career. 

“I don’t plan on continuing to play lacrosse in college, but I also don’t plan on stopping for good either. Lacrosse has had such a strong impact on my life, it would be hard to stop playing all together. Even if I don’t continue into college, I definitely see myself still playing whenever I can,” Murray said. 

Murray is a very hard worker. Lilly knows what she wants and can figure out how to get it done. 

“As a team, we all lift eachother up. Lilly and I got closer with her last year and now I know what helps to motivate her and what will push her back. For example, telling her everything will be okay or you will get it next time, or good shot,” Frank said.

Goals are very important in athletics,and Murrayand, Murray would like to put herself in a good position for her senior lacrosse season next year. 

“To achieve this goal I will work on improving now and keep practicing so I can set myself up for success. The harder I work now the easier it will be in the future so instead of just helping myself, I can also help others,” Murray said. 

“Lilly inspires me to work hard because she has such a strong work ethic and a big heart and it is really encouraging and inspiring,” sophomore Caroline lynch said.

Motivation is crucial in lacrosse and it is easy to become drained.

“What motivates me most is when I surround myself with people who want to see me succeed and do well. With the Chagrin lacrosse team I always feel motivated because each and every one of us wants to see everyone enhance and help out. Whenever anyone messes up or hesitates with something, the team is always there to come over and start influencing them to keep on trying and to keep pushing,” Murray said.