Students React to online SAT format

This year Chagrin Falls High School gave out the SAT as usual, but it was online instead of the usual paper and pencil format. Although many schools are moving in the more technological direction, many students and parents disagreed with providing the test in an online format. 

Many students had been preparing for the test in paper and pencil and were surprised to receive an email about how the test would be given online. 

CFHS junior Will Graham was one of the students who disagreed with the format. 

“Overall I just don’t think most students were ready for it,” said Graham. Many students felt unprepared for the exam because most test prep courses still practice for the test on paper. 

Some test preparation services even emailed parents and students informing them that the test would be a different format and that this could affect test scores.

“I think we are gonna see more and more schools moving over to the new digital format since in the long run it will probably be more convenient,” said Graham.

Although it may seem like it is just the same test, the jump to a digital format can seem very different for many students. 

Even though it may seem very different at first, after many years this format will be the standard and students will be used to it. Overall having the test in the digital format will be beneficial because it is more advanced. 

CFHS junior Liam Butler was indifferent to the format. 

“I think there are some pros and cons to it being digital but I think it wasn’t too different to what I expected,” said Butler. 

Whether the format is a good thing or a bad thing all comes down to personal preference.

“The new format is probably here to stay so we should embrace it,” said Butler.