NFL Combine Starting This Week


Photo Courtesy of Google

Photo Courtesy of Google

This week, the NFL Combine will broadcasted on tv Thursday, March 2, through Sunday, March 5. The NFL Combine is an on and off field workout for some of the best college football players. There are scouts for every team that are looking for the best fit for their respected football team. The NFL Combine has been held in the Indianapolis Colts stadium, Lucas Oil Field, since 1982. 

“The combine sheds light on prospects’ physical dimensions (height, weight, hand size and wingspan), while also supplying official results in the 40-yard dash, vertical leap and other testing drills,” says NFL Analyst Bucky Brooks. 

The Combine is the chance for college players to show their real skill. Even if someone is a low prospect player entering the combine, they can still boost their draft prospect status. For example, someone can be projected to be drafted in the third round, however, after the combine they can end up being projected to be taken in the second round. 

This year’s Quarterback draft class is one of the better ones that we’ve had in a while. Although some of the best college quarterbacks will not be participating in the Combine. 

“Ohio State’s C.J. Stroud, Florida’s Anthony Richardson and Kentucky’s Will Levis will throw at the combine,” said NFL analyst Christan Gonzolez. 

  However, one of the best college quarterbacks Bryce Young will not participate in the NFL Combine. Although Young will wait to make his appearance during his Alabama Crimson Tide pro day. 

“ reports Young ‘is long past’ his AC joint injury from the 2022 season, and he will only interview with teams at the combine,” said USA Today reporter Safid Deen. 

Students from Chagrin Falls talk of their times watching the combine on TV. Senior NIck Vinci talks about his time watching the combine and John Ross ran the fastest forty yard dash.

“I remember watching the combine after not watching it for a while, and I saw John Ross run the fastest 40 yard dash in the NFL,” said Vinci. “It was the fastest I’ve ever seen anyone run.” 

Back in 2017 John Ross ran the fastest forty yard dash time with a 4.22. That time broke the nine year record of All-Pro Running Back Chris Johnson that ran a 4.24. 

Vinci also talks about his relative that is in the NFL and went through the combine. Chase Winovich is a Defensive End that plays for the Cleveland Browns. 

“Having a relative being in the NFL is pretty cool,” said Vinci. “It’s also really cool that he plays for the Browns because that is my favorite NFL team.”