Senior Spring Break Begins at Chagrin


Photo courtesy of Google Commons

On March 24, Chagrin students will take to the skies and travel throughout the world on their spring break trips. Each year, Chagrin clears out, and family and friends travel together to destinations everywhere. Chagrin’s tradition of “Senior Spring Break” trips continues this year, where groups of friends pick a destination and stay there for the week, making lasting memories. Senior Ryan Hill is traveling to Jamaica during the break with a group of his friends. 

“It’s a really beautiful destination, and I love the beach,” Hill said. 

Hill is traveling with over 20 other Chagrin students to the Hyatt Ziva Rose Hall Resort. They will enjoy a resort right on the beach, with amenities such as a pool, gym, and all-inclusive food and drink. 

“It’ll be a great getaway from the cold Ohio weather at a really cool resort,” Hill added.

While some Chagrin students are traveling with friends, senior Phoebe Gleeson is taking the break to spend time with her family in Europe. 

“For spring break this year I’m going to France with my family, we chose France because I’ve always wanted to go and we wanted to do a large trip before college starts,” Gleeson explained. 

Europe and France especially have become main tourist destinations since the pandemic, with social media posts about its beautiful countryside attracting travelers from all around the globe. 

Gleeson plans to immerse herself in French culture, “I look forward to seeing all the beautiful and history-rich parts of the country.”

Family time is scarce with college looming, and Gleeson wants to make the most of it. 

“This year’s trip is special to me because I’m going to get to experience a new country and learn about the culture while spending quality time with my family before I leave in the fall,” she added. 

Another popular way that students are spending their break this year is the Chagrin Falls Choir and Band’s joint trip to Disney World, where they will stay for the week and perform. 

Senior Max Klug, a member of the Chagrin Falls Band, is attending this trip and is looking forward to it. 

“I have great friends in the band that are going, and we’ll be marching in a parade with my parents watching. It’s exciting that my senior spring break will be spent on the band’s Disney trip, which only happens every 4 years,” Klug said. 

Whether students are swimming in the clear waters of Montego Bay, walking the streets of Paris, or riding Space Mountain, this year’s spring break is sure to be memorable. 

“It’s going to be really special since it’s the first time I’m ever going with friends instead of a whole family. Also, after the stress of senior year, it will be a great way to relax,” Hill finished.