Athletes Ready Themselves for Track Season

The Chagrin Falls High School track and field team is about to begin their season and members of the team are looking forward to it. 

Varsity sprinter Brandon Castellucio is looking forward to his second season on the track team and wants to push himself extra hard this year.

“My goal for this season is to really put in the effort and get new personal records for the one hundred meter dash and the two hundred meter dash,” said Castellucio. 

Pushing oneself to achieve a new personal record is a feeling that is difficult to find in other sports. 

Track and field offers a unique opportunity for students to join a sport that has both a strong team aspect, but also many chances to shine as an individual. Student athletes participate in relays as a team such as the 4×100 and 4×400 and they can also run individual events such as the mile or the two hundred meter dash. 

“I joined track my sophomore year as just a way to get faster for football and I ended up really loving the team,” said Castellucio. 

Varsity sprinter and CFHS junior Griffin Laws also values the comradery of the track team. 

“I definitely value the community of our track team more than anything else,” said Laws. 

The community of the Chagrin Falls track and field team is why the sport is so popular. Having a strong bond between teammates is always an important part of sports.

Laws’ goal this season is to get a new personal record in the four hundred meter dash. 

“I really want to lower my four-hundred times during this track season,” said Laws.

Many athletes on the team, like Laws, are working extra hard to reduce their times and grow on a personal level. 

Furthermore, the track team has brought on a new distance coach, Coach Laseak. Many distance runners are excited to see how this will change the distance track program. 

Varsity distance runner and CFHS junior Liam Butler believes that Coach Laseak will bring positive changes to the program. 

“I think there is always some room to change and the team will always push itself to be better no matter who is coaching, I think we might see some good changes,” said Butler. 

Overall the track team has a positive outlook on the new season and is ready to prove itself once again. 

“I’m excited to see how much we will improve this year,” said Butler.