An introduction to the terrific tigers boys lacrosse season

The boys lacrosse team is ready to succeed this season. Sophomore William Stinson enters his second year playing for the Chagrin Falls Tigers lacrosse team. Stinson looks forward to practicing with his friends and the new incoming freshman players. 

“There are many freshman players with lots of talent, and I am excited to play with them this season,” Stinson said.

Sophomore Alexander Burnight is a talented lacrosse player that is excited to start his sophomore season.

“I can only say good things about the incoming talent. As we start to practice, I think a few of them will step up and will be a key part of the team,” Burnight said.

 Student athletes at Chagrin Falls High School need to work hard to maintain their grades and balance time between school and sports. There are many new team goals for this season,

“One of the main goals is to increase chemistry within the brotherhood and play more as a team rather than single players,” Stinson said.

The upcoming season will be very different from the last, including the involvement of the new coach,Mr. Zak Gebler. 

Stinson predicts that, “there will most likely be changes in the practices and the drills that we run, but the goals will all stay the same.”

After a tough loss last year against Columbus Saint Francis De Sales in the state championship, they will most likely be the team to beat.

“Something I consider one of our greatest strengths is the leadership within the program. We have really great seniors that will carry our team far this year, however many of our best players were seniors last year and have graduated,” Stinson said.

When considering team bonding exercises and activities the boys look at plenty of chow-ups throughout the season, and before every practice the tigers stretch as a team and take a look at what practice for that day entails. 

“Some strengths of our team include putting in work during the offseason to keep our skills up. Another strength is that we are not selfish with the ball because we look for better opportunities on the field,” Burnight said.

Burnight is looking forward to all of the practices and really enjoys the camaraderie with the team.

 “The season will differ with Coach Gebler as the head coach. Practices may look slightly different and the playbook will be condensed, we may spend more time on fundamentals since we lost many seniors. We may also work more with team chemistry and being able to build off each other,” Burnight says.