SZA Tour Review


On February 21, 2023, singer, SZA, performed at the Schottenstein Center in Columbus, OH. The show had extravagant set designs, multiple elaborate costumes, and very detailed choreography. Multiple Chagrin Falls students were able to attend this performance. 

Senior Faith Pfaff was blown away by the whole concert. She is a very big SZA fan and was impressed by the performers. 

“My favorite part of the concert was the set she had and her performance. The set and effects were very interesting and very impressive. She performed in a boat above everyone, which was amazing and very unique. She had a great stage presence as well. Being able to perform and do all the intricate changes was super cool,” said Pfaff.

SZA is a rising artist and this was her first time going on such a large scale tour. She will be performing at 17 different venues across the United States.

“It was special that it was her first big concert ever, and Columbus was her first show. You could tell the passion in her performance,” said Pfaff.

Senior Sophie Moffa also went to the concert in Columbus. She also commented about how cool and elaborate the performance was.

“I also really enjoyed the attention to detail in the set. It really felt like a whole production. She had one set where she was on a life raft suspended above the crowd and it was really cool to see how it matched the name of her album,” said Moffa.

One thing she really loved about this concert was how supportive all the other fans were. They all helped each other and made it feel like a very welcoming experience for Moffa.

“My favorite part was how everyone in my section was helping each other take pictures. It was cute to see everyone socializing because I feel like that’s never happened at any other concert I’ve attended,” said Moffa.