Armed Robbery in Chagrin Falls

Photo courtesy of CFPD Facebook

Photo courtesy of CFPD Facebook

Chagrin Falls is well known for being an extremely safe community with little to no crime. Families often choose to move to the area because of its low crime rate.

Many parents feel comfortable enough to allow their children to walk to school and town because there is no fear of crime. However, this may change due to recent events. 

According to the CFPD, at approximately 5 pm on February 14, two armed white males broke into a home on Quail Ridge Drive in Bentleyville. The neighborhood where the event occurred is called Chagrin Valley Trails and it is especially popular with Chagrin Falls students. 

“I recently moved into this neighborhood and it’s been great,” said senior Julian Hink. “It’s really safe and there’s almost always cops patrolling just to make sure nothing happens.” 

The two men that broke into the house saw a residentt and then immediately fled the home. According to a police statement from the Bentleyville Police Department, the area was flooded with the police within minutes. However, the subjects could not be located and police are continuing to investigate. 

Senior Riley Myers is a resident who lives in Chagrin Valley Trails. She said, “I was shocked to hear the news about a robbery in my neighborhood. I wasn’t home at the time because I was at a basketball game and that made it seem even worse because my sister and mom were alone.” 

For the remainder of the night, police continued to patrol the neighborhood and surrounding areas looking for the suspects or any evidence that could point to their location. 

Julian Hink said, “I live kinda far from Quail Ridge Drive but there were still police driving past my house constantly.” 

Other Chagrin Falls students and residents were shocked to hear about the recent events. Senior Ellie Johnson is a close friend of Riley Myers’ and spends a lot of her time at the Myers house. 

“Almost every time I drive into a neighborhood I pass a cop. It doesn’t even matter what time it is they’re always there. It’s crazy to me that someone would target a house in [that] neighborhood, especially because it’s so close to the police station,” said Johnson. 

The entrance to Chagrin Valley Trails is just .7 miles and two minutes away from the Bentleyville Police Department. The neighborhood is also unique because despite being quite large, there is only one entrance/exit. 

“I hope they find whoever did that soon. A lot of people are on edge because we were essentially in a lockdown for the majority of the night. It’s even worse because it was on Valentine’s day so there were a lot of people driving in and out of the neighborhood from dinners and stuff,” Riley Myers said. 

Despite this, police continued to strongly patrol the area. 

“I have faith in the police department and know that they will find the two suspects. It’s unfortunate that this happened but I think it will definitely motivate the police to keep people safer,” said Ellie Johnson.