Chagrin’s Favorite Snack Bar Takes CFHS By Storm


Photo Courtesy of Charlie Busby

A new business has taken CFHS by storm. Chars Bars, founded by juniors Charlie Busby and Liam Butler is a new homemade seven layer bar. 

The idea for Chars Bars came to Busby when he was considering ideas for a new business to start. 

“I realized that quality snack food at a reasonable price is often hard to come by. That’s when I got the idea to make these seven layer bars” said Busby. 

Busby had grown up eating seven layer bars his whole life. 

“Seven layer bars were always me and my brother’s favorite dessert that our mom would make for us, so I learned the recipe and Liam and I added our own twist on it” said Busby.

Busby and Butler handed out free samples of the classic and coconut-free flavors during lunch one day and since then Chars Bars has become a massive hit among students. Students were clamoring to get their hands on Chars Bars. 

Chars Bars has brought new innovations to the classic seven layer bar formula. 

“We realized not everyone likes coconut, so we have introduced the new browning variant,” said Butler. 

Chars Bars comes in many flavors such as classic, brownie, and protein. According to Butler, the duo is currently experimenting with new, unique flavors. 

Busby and Butler are inseparable business partners. 

“Although it’s called Chars Bars, that’s just because it rolls off the tongue nicely. I couldn’t do any of it without my partner Liam. He helps me a lot behind the scenes and comes up with lots of ideas,” said Busby

Butler and Busby have had such a successful business that they have landed a partnership with the Sugar Me bakery in downtown Chagrin. 

“Charlie had brought in a package of Chars Bars to Sugar Me and he had gotten a lot of positive feedback,” said Butler. Chars Bars are currently available for purchase at Sugar Me. 

Butler and Busby take the production of Chars Bars incredibly seriously. Butler and Busby make sure to always bake in an environment that is sanitary and safe, even going so far as to always wear a hair net. 

Busby and Butler have already established a loyal customer base and they love interacting with them and listening to their feedback. 

“By far my favorite thing about the Chars Bars brand has been the customers. Our Main goal with Chars Bars has been to bring people closer together” said Busby.