Super Bowl Recap

Super Bowl Recap


Over the weekend, over 100 million people watched the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs face off in Super Bowl 57 in Glendale, Arizona. 

Going into the game, the Eagles were the favorite with concerns over Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes and a better overall roster. 

The Eagles jumped on the Chiefs in the first half dominating the time of possession and keeping the ball away from Patrick Mahomes.

Kansas City struggled to get their offense going in the first half because of the lack of weapons outside of TE Travis Kelce. 

At the end of the 2nd quarter, Mahomes left the game because of a recurring ankle injury threatening the Chiefs chances. 

At the half, Philadelphia led Kansas City with a score of 24-14. 

The Chiefs received the ball to start the third quarter and quickly started to gain momentum with Mahomes reentering the game.

Not only did Mahomes, Kelce, and WR Juju Smith-Schuster get the passing game going, but RB Isaiah Pacheco showed up in the run game. 

Pacheco, a 7th round selection in last year’s 2022 NFL Draft, has been a pleasant surprise to the offense.

Over the years, the Chiefs have struggled to draft or sign free agent running backs.

But with Pacheco, the run game unlocked the passing game even more. 

With just over 5 minutes left in the fourth quarter, Eagles QB Jalen Hurts scored on a 2 yard rushing touchdown and rushed for a two point conversion tying the game at 35 points.

The Chiefs offense patiently marched down the field trying to finish the game off without giving the Eagles a final chance. 

On a crucial 3rd and 8 play with just under 2 minutes to go, Mahomes escaped out of the pocket throwing to Smith-Schuster towards the end zone that was incomplete. 

However, Eagles CB James Bradberry was called for a holding penalty against Smith-Schuster. 

The call resulted in a fresh set of downs for the Chiefs who ran and kneeled the ball until 8 seconds were left on the clock. 

  K Harrison Butker easily knocked in a 27 yard field goal to take a 38-35 lead. 

With no timeouts and only 8 seconds left, the Eagles were unable to get any legitimate chance to score. 

The holding call was extremely controversial.

Many fans wanted to see Philadelphia get a chance to score back in a game that was turning into a thriller. 

Both squads combined for over 700 yards of offense and 73 points making it the third highest scoring Super Bowl ever. 

“I was hoping [the ref] would let it go… and it was a hold so they called it,” Bradberry said in a post game interview. 

Eagles Head Coach Nick Sirianni weighed in on the call talking about how his team’s performance throughout the entire game led to the loss. 

“It never comes down to one play.. That’s not what wins or loses the game,” Sirianni said. 

Head Coach of the Chiefs, Andy Reid, was asked about what led to his team’s success in the game. 

He mainly emphasized the importance of controlling the line of scrimmage through the offensive and defensive line. 

“This was going to be the big boy game where both your lines were going to really have to step up and play well and they did on both sides,” Reid stated. 

Mahomes put up a historic season recording a regular season MVP and Super Bowl MVP. 

Reid, Mahomes, and Kelce have won their second title since 2020 replacing the New England Patriots as a legitimate dynasty.