Students create a new environmental club that is making Cleveland a cleaner place one step at a time


Photo Courtesy of Luke Neimeier

Cleanland is a non-profit organization that was created by a group of Chagrin Falls High School (CFHS) students. 

Junior Luke Neimeier is the student leader of the club.

“I started this organization to create a better environment for Clevelanders and to provide service opportunities for my classmates,” Neimeier said.

Luke saw the vision and put his mind to it. This club has been an idea of his for a long time, and he realized how beneficial it could be for the community and his classmates.

Other than Luke, the other members of the club include juniors JP Zimmer, Claire Jarvis, Alex Chinnici, Tyler Saccone, Jessica Brett, Emma O’Brien, Louie Sutte, and Jacob Donnellan, forming a large group of students that are doing their part to make Cleveland a cleaner area.

“We go into fringe areas of downtown Cleveland to pick up recyclable goods and trash from the ground and dispose of it properly,” Neimeier said.

Cleanland is doing their best to make the environment surrounding Cleveland better. Each member is doing their part which will hopefully encourage others to do the same in the near future. Junior Jessica Brett is one of those members.

“My favorite part about participating in this club is that I am able to help clean up the areas that are covered with litter in order to better our community while also having fun doing it,” Brett said.

The club does their best job enjoying the hard work rather than making it a burden. Members of the club like Jessica love being able to help out while also having a fun experience. 

Students across the school are taking notice of the new club. Cleanland is a great example of what other students can do in the future and it shows them how it can be done the right away. 

“It’s great to see students creating clubs like this to help out the environment. As a senior, I hope other underclassmen take something from this club and try to create one of their own. The future is bright at Chagrin as long as this continues,” senior James Kosmides said.

The club hopes to keep influencing Chagrin students over the next couple of years. The more students that they can influence, the bigger and better the club will be.

“We plan to expand the club in the near future. Our next pickup should be in the early spring, and we are super excited for it,” Neimeier said.