Surprises and Predictions for the 2023 Oscars


Photo Courtesy of Google Commons

Cinema fans everywhere are ready for the 95th Academy Awards on March 12 this year. 2022 was a great year for movies, with big-budget box office hits taking over and newcomers taking the silver screen. The Oscars reflected this, as top movies like “Top Gun: Maverick” and “Avatar: The Way of Water” hold nominations for best picture. 

“Having seen a majority of the movies nominated for the major awards, I am glad to see the wide range of movies nominated for so many things. I’m especially happy for Everything Everywhere All At Once,” said senior Nathan Hill.

Hill is a self-proclaimed movie buff and loves watching and reviewing movies on the popular website Letterboxd. He is excited about the Oscars and has his predictions ready. 

The biggest surprise this year was “Everything Everywhere All At Once”(EEAAO), which was released in March 2022 and became a massive success. Directed by Daniel Scheinerrt and Daniel Kwan, the movie tells the story of an immigrant family that runs a laundromat and becomes swept up in a multiversal battle. Kwan and Scheinert built a beautiful and wacky world of multiversal travel that kept audiences talking. It earned 11 nominations at this year’s academy awards, including  Best Actress for Michelle Yeoh, Best Supporting Actor for Ke Huy Quan, and Best Picture.

“EEAAO is the perfect blend of “everything” that goes into making a movie. The performances are fueled by immense talent as well as passion that the actors have for their craft and characters,” added Hill. 

The acting performances from Yeoh and Quan have established them as favorites in their respective categories, but the Best Actor and Supporting Actress have other stars leading the chase. 

For Best Supporting Actress, Angela Bassett is the favorite. Basset played Queen Ramonda of Wakanda in 2022’s hit Marvel movie, “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.” The second installment of the Black Panther series had to be drastically rewritten after the tragic death of Chadwick Boseman in 2020. Bassett displays an emotional performance, reacting to the death of Boseman’s character in the movie.

“[Bassett] has been defying odds by winning a golden globe and critics choice award for her role as Queen Ramonda in Black Panther 2. She gave an incredibly powerful performance and is long overdue for an Oscar for her decades-long career,” continued Hill. 

For the Best Actor category, a comeback story is a large motivator for “Whale” star Brendan Fraser. Fraser, a former Hollywood star who took a hiatus from acting, starred as a troubled English teacher who struggles with Obesity and mental health. His performance has garnered critical acclaim, but also some controversy regarding the use of a fatsuit in the production of the movie. 

Steven Speilberg is the favorite for Best Director for his movie “The Fabelmans”. He tells the story of his life and the magic of the movies. 

“Spielberg is a well-loved director, he won the golden globe and he is definitely the favorite,” explained Hill. 

The Oscars are sure to be an award show to remember. 

“I’m planning on having an Oscar watch party with my friends, and I’m excited to see who wins,” Hill finished.