First brothers in Super Bowl


Photo Courtesy of Cooper Neill

Photo Courtesy of Cooper Neill

The Super Bowl teams this year are the Philadelphia Eagles Vs. the Kansas City Chiefs. This year the Super Bowl is featuring two brothers that are playing on either team. Travis Kelce is a Tight End playing for the Chiefs, and Jason Kelce a Center playing for the Eagles. Although, this wouldn’t be the first time the brothers would play with each other. In college, Jason and Travis played for the University of Cincinnati’s football team. Jason was drafted to the Eagles in the sixth round in 2011. Travis was drafted to the Chiefs in the second round in 2013. 

Senior Jackson Beavers talks about his opinion of this historical situation for the Super Bowl. Beavers says that he’s excited to see this year’s Super Bowl because of all the talent between the two teams, and because of the Kelce brothers. 

“I am excited for this year’s Super Bowl because Mahomes and Jalen Hurts both will make the game very interesting,” said Beavers. “Also watching two brothers play on different teams will be pretty cool to watch.” 

The parents of the All-Pro Superstars are going to have a tough time figuring out who to cheer for during the Super Bowl. However, no matter who loses the parents will be celebrating because one of the brothers would be on the team that wins. 

 “To be playing for this many years, to get Super Bowls, and then to play against each other, I mean what are the odds of that? It’s gotta be astronomical,” Donna Kelce said on Tuesday to MSNBC. 

You can watch this historical Super Bowl February 12, at 6:30 P.M. on FOX. Get your football snacks and beverages for a relaxing sunday