Winter Formal Dance goers crown their new king


Photo courtesy of Zenith Editor-in-Chief Mary Catherine Cain

The Chagrin Falls Winter Formal was a success as senior Anthony Rybak was crowned Winter Formal king. This year, the Winter Formal King was reintroduced this school year to create a fun, spirit-filled competition and build hype for the dance.

After a form with all senior boys was sent out, 3 finalists were selected and began their campaigns to win the title. Students filled in to a Pep Rally Thursday, January 26, filled with anticipation. 

 The Rally began with Winter sports captains promoting their teams and competitions. Members of the boys basketball team, seniors James Kosmides and Max Crandall, and sophomore Spencer Kaas, took on girls basketball seniors Kate Bartlett and Jenna Santamaria. In the end, it was the girls who prevailed, and before the king was announced, the basketball cheerleaders and a selected group of teachers performed a fun dance number. 

 By then, the gym was buzzing, and senior cheerleaders Julia Difranco, Maya Rooney, and Camille Zitney called the finalists down. Rybak and the two other finalists, seniors Ryan Hill and Max Klug stood on the gym floor in front of the entire school community. 

Rybak was announced as the winner and the crowd erupted in applause. For Rybak, this result was a given.

 “I was confident I would win going in and was ready for the announcement,” he said. 

Rybak and his confident nature is what won him the nomination for Winter Formal king, walking the halls and reminding friends and peers to vote him for this honor. 

“It was a good competition, I’m glad [Rybak] won, he’s great and I was happy to be nominated,” said senior Max Klug. 

This year, a “Space Out” theme turned the gym into a neon-filled starry night, where students took to the dance floor. When it came to the dance, Rybak brought the energy, starting dance circles and hyping the crowd up. 

“Winter Formal had a great fun atmosphere, everyone was having fun and enjoying themselves to the music,” Rybak explained. 

At the halfway point of the dance, Rybak delivered a victory speech to accept his title as king. 

Students roared with excitement as took the mic, “I want to thank everyone for coming, especially those that voted for me,” he started. 

“Rybak! Rybak!” chants filled the room, “Let’s have some fun!” he said as he finished the speech and the music began. 

“I enjoyed my speech very much, the opportunity to have all eyes on me as I deliver a message to the school, I felt very grateful,” Rybak added. 

 Rybak is active in his community as a member of the varsity basketball and soccer teams. He has 3 brothers and 1 sister, who he loves to take care of. He has an exciting future ahead of him, with plans to run his own business. 

“I would like to study architecture, I plan to open my own business and take over in this field,” he continued. 

Rybak is grateful for the experience and will keep it as a memory forever. 

“I see winning king as an accomplishment and a great memory for my high school experience, I am able to tell my future kids and grandkids about this moment,” he finished.