Senior diver starts a new chapter in collegiate diving

 Junior Samantha Holtz is the female student athlete. Holtz has been diving for 5 years, and before that she was a skilled gymnast which aided in her diving ability.

“While it is sometimes difficult being the only diver on the team, I have found that the swim team always goes above and beyond in trying to support me. Just this past Friday, at my conference meet, a few teammates showed up to watch between their two practices of the evening. Furthermore, at every meet they are constantly cheering for me regardless of if I do well or not. It’s absolutely incredible being a part of a team that always has my back,” Holtz said.

 Throughout the off season Holtz competes with USA and AAU diving  all year round.

 “I work really closely with my coaches both at Chagrin and my club, American Flyers Diving, to make sure I’m well prepared for each meet I sign up for. They also help in strength training and formulating a list for each meet that will work well for the facility I will be at and how I’m feeling. Not only that, but Coach Beth goes above and beyond to show her support at every diving event,” Holtz said.

 Holtz has big plans after high school, she has verbally committed to the admissions process at Harvard University and will hopefully be part of the dive team. During the highschool season, athletes dive on 1 meter boards and during the club season athletes will dive on 3 meter boards creating an obvious necessary adjustment. Sophomore Alethea Svette is a talented Chagrin Falls swimmer.

 “Sam inspires us all with her incredible drive and motivation. I have so much faith in her for the rest of the season,” Svette said. 

“I have such an incredible support team with my family, friends, teammates, and coaches. They always have my back and help so much. I am so privileged to be able to do my sport with such support that I think it really sets me apart,”Holtz said. 

Sophomore  Margaret Vanderbilt is an outstanding swimmer for the Chagrin Falls tigers. “As a first year swimmer I was amazed by how incredible Sam is, through school and swimming,” Vanderbilt said.

  “I have watched Sam grow during her highschool career to develop into the amazing diver and teammate that she is,” Svette said. 

Goals are important when dealing with student athletes, one of Sam’s major season goals is to make it back to the state championships again this year.

 “Sam is so dedicated to diving I can’t wait to watch her throughout highschool and persevere even further,” Svette said.

 “She is a great role model for me and the entire team, to show us what a high spirited driven athlete looks like,” Vanderbilt said.