Chagrin Falls Students Excited for New Electives


More and more electives are becoming available for students at Chagrin Falls High School, and they are excited for what is coming. With new courses like Cleveland History and Film as Literature students are ready to learn.
In particular, senior Grant Alberts is really excited for these new electives. Alberts is currently taking Photojournalism and Computer programming, two favorites in high school. Alberts really thinks electives help students understand what they want to do in the future and to find their passion.
“They allow for a greater understanding of certain topics,” Alberts said.
He also has found that these electives help him through his day, giving him something to look forward to.
Another student who attended the elective presentation in the PAC is freshman Quinn Bargar. After only recently coming to the high school he explains how the elective presentation was necessary for understanding what elective appeal to him.
“The teachers did a good job with the slideshow explaining everything in detail. I think the business classes look interesting to take,” Bargar stated.
Bargar is currently enrolled in film photography and health. He has taken this opportunity to engage with upperclassmen and get closer with people from his class. In addition Bargar believes that electives help students in regards to learning more about specific fields.
“I think this because they will give experience in fields that normal classes don’t give,” Bargar said.
A teacher most excited for these new electives is teacher of History of Cleveland Mr. Mike Salyers. Mr. Salyers wanted to form this class after watching the organized crime movie “Kill the Irishman”. When he told his class about the movie they didn’t have a clue what he was talking about.
“I told my classes about it on Monday. They had no idea what I was talking about. I realized that most of our kids had no idea about the history of our great city,” Mr. Salyers stated.
Making it clear that young kids in the Cleveland area need to know about the enriched history of Cleveland.
This new course didn’t happen overnight, Mr. Salyers proposed the elective multiple years ago and was shot down. But as of recent he made a curriculum, discussed with his department, approved by the principal of Chagrin Falls High School Mr. Mike Janatovich.
“Now we rock and roll forward,” Mr. Salyers said.
Alberts has shown special interest in the new History of Cleveland class.
“The history of Cleveland seems like a good opportunity to learn about the city I call home,” Alberts stated.
Like Bargar and Alberts, Mr. Salyers has expressed the need for students to be able to pursue what they find interesting.
“We need to give the students as many options as possible b/c we have such a diverse student body in regards to their interests,” Mr. Salyers stated.
Additionally he expresses what they can provide to students.
“They provide choices and opportunities for our students to learn about an array of subjects they might not from the core classes,” Mr. Salyers stated.
Alberts, Bargar, and Mr. Salyers can all agree that the elective presentation was a positively beneficial experience for grade 9-11 that let amazing new electives come to light like History of Cleveland.
“I’m saying that this is a once and lifetime opportunity to learn about one of the best cities out there,” Mr. Salyers said.