NFL wildcard weekend, an entertaining weekend to start off the year


Photo Courtesy of Google Commons

The National Football Leagues playoffs start with the highly anticipated weekend of the wildcard round.

The wildcard round is the first round of the playoffs where twelve of the fourteen teams compete to advance. Two of the fourteen teams already have a bye to the second round which allows them to already be advanced past wildcard weekend. Those two teams get that advantage for having the two best records in the league.

“I think the Bills are the best team in the wildcard. They have a very legit shot to win the superbowl. Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs have revenge on their mind after a tough loss last year, so I’m excited to see how they play,” sophomore Ryan Curtiss said.

The weekend kicked off with a two game slate starting with the Seattle Seahawks vs the San Francisco 49ers which ended in a large 49ers win. San Francisco came into the game as large favorites. The second game of the first day was the Los Angeles Chargers vs the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Jaguars ended up coming back from being down 27-0 in the first half and winning the game. After being down by such a large margin and being underdogs this win had people in shock around the league.

“As a Seahawks fan it was a rough weekend. I think we have a super bright future so I’m just gonna try to forget about the loss. The Chargers choking that massive lead made me feel a little better about myself,” said senior Grant Sellars, Seattle Seahawks super fan.

The second day of the weekend kicked off with the Miami Dolphins vs the Buffalo Bills. The Bills ended up on top in an intense divisional rematch. The Dolphins showed no sign of quitting during the game even after being big underdogs. Furthermore, the next game between the New York Giants and the Minnesota Vikings began. The New York Giants took this one away from the Vikings after not being down the whole game. Finally, the longest day of wildcard weekend finished with the Cincinnati Bengals vs the Baltimore Ravens. The Bengals ended up as the winner of this one. The Ravens gave them a good challenge just like how that rivalry game always is.

“The wildcard round was a phenomenal slate of games. This just gets me even more excited for the rest of the playoffs. I wonder who will come out on top,” senior Jackson Ducas said.