Chagrin Cinema Closing Feedback

At the end of January, the owners of Chagrin Cinemas are deciding to close it. Many of the CFHS students are sad about this news. This theater has been here their whole lives making great movie watching experiences and memories. 

Senior Colin King has shared his experience at Chagrin Cinemas. He talked about his time where he watched one of his favorite movies there, as did many other students at CFHS. King also talked about how he would always get a bag of popcorn whenever he’d watch a movie there. 

“It’s sad knowing that I won’t be able to watch movies there,” King said. “I remember watching Avengers: End Game there and the theater was packed when we got there. We of course had to get a large bag of popcorn too.”

The Chagrin Cinemas has been open since November 26, 1989. Not only has our generation experienced these theaters, but past generations have also enjoyed movies and made great memories at this theater 

Chagrin alumni Micheal Vinci talked about his experience at the theater. Vinci was generally sad when he heard this news because he also watched many blockbuster movies at this theater. Many people like Vinci don’t want Chagrin Cinemas to close because they all grew up with it and they have made special memories there. 

“I was shocked when I heard they were closing down,” said Vinci. “I bet many other people are sad about this because a lot of people grew up with this theater. I remember when I was young we would run around the empty theaters while our movie was playing.” 

Overall, people around the community are sad to see Chagrin Cinemas close. It has made many childhood memories, and it has hosted many great movie showings