AI Essay Writing Tool May Cause Big Changes

Photo Courtesy of Google Commons

Photo Courtesy of Google Commons

Students and teachers at CFHS are talking about a new essay writing AI program called ChatGPT. 

The chatbot known as ChatGPT is an AI program created by the company OpenAI, that can take essay prompts and write an essay within a few seconds. Since the chatbot uses an artificial intelligence program, the essay will always be different even if given the same prompt more than once.

English teachers and professors all across the country have an increasing worry about what this could mean for academic integrity. The AI simulates human writing, making it impossible for a plagiarism detector to see. 

Although this seems impossible to detect, according to Business Insider, many college professors agree that the essays the program produces are not quality essays that will give students higher grades.

Many students at CFHS have been hearing about this AI program on apps like Instagram, Twitter, and Tik Tok. CFHS junior Liam Butler thinks the program is not good for students to use.

“I think it’s a bad idea for students to use because it teaches them not to rely on their own skills. It’s also academically dishonest,” said Butler. 

Using ChatGPT and other programs is cheating since it is not the student’s own work. Using these programs will result in a zero on school assignments. Many teachers across the country have begun to update their syllabuses to include a statement about the programs. 

CFHS junior Will Graham believes that it will be too hard to detect and big changes might have to come. 

“I’ve personally never used it, but it seems like such a gamechanger. It could change the way English classes are taught,” said Graham. 

These programs continue to update and will become harder to detect. This could cause a major shake up in the way English is taught. If students abuse this program, then it could have poor consequences on their educational development. 

CFHS junior  Luke Weaver stated, “I just don’t know how teachers will handle it.”

Every year it seems teachers have to deal with a new struggle and that is exactly what these AI programs are. As of now most teachers could probably tell if they are reading a student’s work or not, but as it keeps updating it could potentially become harder and harder. If these programs become too advanced, then some major changes will be coming to the way English is taught.