Chagrin Falls Majors and Schools For Seniors:


Courtesy Zenith Photographer

It is almost that time of the year again. Graduating class of 2023 seniors at Chagrin Falls Schools are very stressed yet excited to start a new chapter in their life. With the only thing on their mind is what they want to study and where they want to go for college.
After analyzing survey information released to the class of 2023 majors are all over the place. From Finance to Music business and Psychology to Engineering chagrin falls students want to go every which way.
In addition to that, colleges are very spread out but there is one favorite from the class, OSU. Ohio State University is a prestigious college where it is increasingly harder to get into. Yet people like senior Drew Mergenhagen, senior Colin King, and senior Maximus Crandall expressed that they are all in for OSU.
King said, “OSU is just the best college for me.”
While many like King knew immediately where they wanted to go to school Crandall really questioned it.
Crandall said, “While I would like to live in a warmer state, the location is convenient as it is close to home and not a far drive. Also, my brother is currently there which is also a benefit. My family is a big supporter of Ohio state, which is also another motivator.”
Like Crandall, Mergenhagen chose OSU because of his never ending love for the school, culture, and sports.
Mergenhagen said, “ I chose my school because I have always loved Ohio State football and sport in general and I am very excited to go to school there.”
Even though these young men are very excited to go, the application process was a completely new experience for them.
Mergenhagen said, “The overall application process was a lot of work but it is definitely manageable.
All in all, emotions are very high for going onto the next step into adulthood, and the thought of never seeing many of these people again is a surreal possibility. From the survey, 74.1% of the people are going out of state leaving only a quarter staying here. Of that quarter many will be attending more local colleges giving them hope to reunite with their former classmates.
Crandall stated, “Leaving high school is a bit of a bittersweet feeling. I did enjoy my time here, I am also excited to start the next chapter of my life.”