There is no I in team Except for in gymnastics

The Chagrin Falls gymnastics team consists of one member. junior Marissa Becker. Becker is a student athlete as well as a level 7-8 gymnast and wants to continue to pursue club gymnastics in college.

 “Being the only person on the team isn’t as fun as having a ton of teammates, but having other schools to practice with brought me other teammates outside of Chagrin Falls,” Becker said. Gymnastics consists of four different events; floor, bar, vault and beam. The gymnasts practice routines to compete against each other  with different events. 

Marissa Becker is a very talented junior gymnast. In the off season, She lifts weights and goes to the gym. For the highschool season she trains three times a week for 2 and a half hours. 

“I’d say my competitive experience is really fun and I’ve met a lot of my close friends from this sport,” Becker said.

 Becker competes in all of the events with the five schools. Chagrin practices with Ndcl, West Geauga, Mayfield, Orange and Aurora. 

“For my routine I choose music that I can have fun with,and that motivates me to get excited to compete and do my best, ”Becker said. 

“My overall experience with this sport has been amazing, and I love the people that it’s brought into my life, however it has caused some injuries,” Becker said.

Becker has a back injury from so many years participating in gymnastics. 

Gymnastics requires so much patience and balance. Coach Gina Javorek is a skilled coach, “My coach supports me by always pushing me to do my best and always being there for me, not just as a coach, but as my friend, I could talk to her about anything I needed to,” Becker said.

Becker voices that the hardest team they have had to compete against was Brecksville.

On February 3 Becker will face the Solon lady comets gymnasts at 7:00 pm at the Elite gymnastics facility. This will be Becker’s last competition of her junior year. Becker plans on competing her senior year as well. 

“It has been an amazing year and one that I will never forget, this sport has introduced me to so many great people that I would consider my teammates and honestly, some of my best friends,” Becker said.