Airline Crisis Over Holiday Season


Photo Courtesy Wiki Commons

Kids and adults stranded at airports over Christmas, following a terrible snow storm hitting many parts of the US, this has led almost all airlines to cancel flights over the Holiday Season. In particular Southwest airlines monumental failure has had a catastrophic effect leaving families belongings, medications, and gifts all over the US.
Junior Luke Neimeier traveled to Los Angeles along with family and friends. Neimeier started in John Hopkings, had a connection in O’Hare, until his final destination at LAX. With some of these being the biggest airports in the world, Neimeier expressed the mass amount of luggage in the airport.
“I saw piles of luggage in LAX,” Luke said.
Luggage wasn’t the only thing that was affected from Southwest and other airline failures, extra wait times in security checks and customer service lines to the door had many doubting they would make their flights; leaving them with nothing to do but hope for a miracle.
Another student affected by the airline crisis is Senior Avery Polcar. Polcar traveled to Palm Beach with her boyfriend Senior Nicholas Vinci. Polcar was stranded in Florida after Frontier canceled their flight. However unlike others they were able to rebook a flight with Breeze airline but the fear of being stuck in Florida was in the back of her mind.
“When we were at the airport, there was a very long wait, and I assumed it was because of all the cancellations,” Polcar said.
In addition, Polcar had interchangeable experiences in the airport as Neimeier.
“The security lines were very backed up, our flight was also packed,” Polcar said.
Unlike Neimeier, Polcars airline didn’t have the same baggage issues as LAX.
“Baggage wasn’t more than average, but it did take longer to process,” Polcar said.
Junior Lilly Murray also had issues with transportation, when she traveled to the Fort Myers airport in Florida.
“I flew from Cleveland Hopkins International Airport to the RSW airport in Fort Myers, Florida. In the airport, there were people crammed in security lines and piles of people waiting to board their flights,” Murray said.
Moreover, Murrays flight was super packed leaving no seats open. Murray believes that the reason for all of this happening is Southwest’s monumental failure which she saw on the news.
“I think with Southwest Airlines canceling flights, people were left with nothing to do but book with other airlines such as United which created lots of issues and hassle. With that being said, people weren’t expecting to have to go through all this extra work and inconvenience,” Murray said,” Murray said.
Despite Southwest monumental collapse Murray, Neimeier, and Polcar all had amazing vacations and are very thankful for the travel experience. In addition, they all had the ability to spend their holiday season happy and warm.
“It was the best vacation I had ever had, it was my first time traveling to Los Angeles and I am looking forward to doing it again. Hopefully without the travel issues,” Neimeier said.