January Car of the Month


Photo courtesy of Charlie Busby

January Car of the Month


It’s a brand new year and it’s time to learn about the first car of the month for January.

CFHS junior Charlie Busby’s Ford Bronco has caught the attention of many students at CFHS because of its slick design and cool color. 

“My favorite part of my car is the color and the ski racks,” said Busby.

The car’s color is called cactus gray and it’s very popular for its simplicity. 

“I think it’s a really nice and cool color without it being too fancy and over the top,” Busby said.

The color of the car is very unique, but it isn’t too flashy. The unique color of the car and the ski racks give the car some personality as well as catching the eyes of students. Busby may take his sweet time backing into a spot, but that just gives more time for students in the parking lot to look at his wonderful car. 

“As much as I love the color and the wheels, I also just appreciate how well it drives,” said Busby.

The Bronco has four-wheel drive which makes it excellent for driving in the snow and it overall drives very smooth. 

The Ford Bronco comes equipped with many modern features. The car uses a circular dial to shift to the different gears, and the steering wheel can be heated with the push of a button. 

“Once you try a heated steering wheel you can’t go back to a regular one. It makes driving when it’s cold so much less of a pain,” said Busby.

Many of Busby’s friends love the car for how comfortable and cozy it is on the inside. The leather trimmed seating gives the car a snug feel and everyone inside loves it. 

“My favorite part of the car is how safe and cozy it is on the inside,” said CFHS junior Liam Butler, friend of Busby.

Charlie has added some personal touches to the interior that gives his car a ton of personality that is unique to his own. He added decorative wooden ducks to the dashboard and has a little tree shaped air freshener. 

“My friends all love the duck, I recently gave it a little hat,” said Busby.

Another CFHS junior and friend of Busby, Allie Jones, loves the car too. 

“The ducks are iconic, I don’t know anyone else who has ducks in their car,” said Jones.

Jones also loves how smooth the car feels to be in as a passenger. 

“It’s always a smooth ride when Charlie is driving,” said Jones.

The bronco has a very spacious interior and it’s well known for its modern features that really enhance passenger experience. The padded seats make everyone feel comfortable even over long periods of time. Busby’s family will often drive the car during family skiing trips, so comfort was a big deal when choosing a car. 

“I’m just so glad my family chose the Bronco. it was my favorite of the other cars we had been looking at,” said Busby.