Now that sports betting is legal in Ohio, Ohioans can be a click away from winning big


Photo courtesy of Google Commons

On January 1, sports betting was announced to be legal in Ohio after a long battle relating to the legalization of the matter.

Sports gambling is a worldwide controversy which has formed many questions with states deciding for it to be legal. 

“I think making sports betting legal is definitely a huge decision that was made by Ohio. It can help out a lot of people but there is also a great chance that it creates a gambling addiction for many users. The negatives may outweigh the positives in the long run,” senior Julian Hink said.

The reality of a gambling addiction is what makes the legalization a questionable decision in some people’s opinions. Gambling does not always go the way that people think it can go.

“I truly believe that once I reach the age of 21 that I will make loads of money from sports betting. I have a lot of knowledge in sports so I’m super excited that it has been legalized in Ohio. Now it is just a waiting game for me,” senior Max Crandall said.

Sports betting has ways that people can make a living off of it. The bettor can be one click away from making thousands, even millions, of dollars if the user makes the right decision. 

According to, Ohio recorded 11.3 million sports betting transactions over the course of New Year’s weekend. The most popular online betting websites used were FanDuel, DraftKings, Caesars Entertainment, and Bet MGM.

Ohioans have been flooded with amazing bonuses and rewards on the popular online betting sites. The popular websites are trying their best to hook each and every user on sports betting.

“Sports betting seems like something that is very easy to get hooked on. I’m assuming all the people of age that started their sports betting career already never want to stop. It seems that it can be a legit addiction that not many people can overcome,” senior Luke Cornell said.

With the large amount of transactions and rewards given to Ohioans it seems as if many of them are already attached to sports gambling. The long wait for the legalization of the matter had people urging to make tons of transactions the moment it began. 

“I am very interested to see how many more states will legalize sports gambling. Over time I wonder if the whole country will have it legalized. I doubt that will happen knowing that it is a very controversial topic,” Hink said.

According to, sports betting is now legal in 36 states and Washington D.C, up from 32 in 2021.

Throughout the new year speculations will arise regarding the last 14 states still waiting on legalization. The more states that legalize it will put more pressure on the states that still have sports gambling illegal.

What states will make the change and legalize sports gambling for the year of 2024?

“As the year goes on, I wonder who will make the big change and legalize sports betting,” Cornell said.