2022 Record Reviews by CFHS Students


Photo courtesy of Google Commons

2022 has proved to be a monumental year for new music. With many records broken and anticipated artist comebacks, CFHS students’ excitement for music is at a high.
According to a survey presented to the student body at CFHS, the most common favorite album of 2022 is “Midnights” by Taylor Swift – the most streamed album of 2022 – with “Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers” by Kendrick Lamar as a close second.
Senior Sam Kleid felt strongly about Lamar’s fifth studio album saying it is “a perfect example of a curated album with interesting themes that also sounds amazing” said Kleid. “Kendrick not only takes the listener through a ‘therapy session,’ and breaks down his mental shortcomings, but every song is a great listen.”
“Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers” was nominated for album of the year at the 2023 Grammys along with “Voyage” by Abba, “30” by Adele, “Un Verano Sin Ti” by Bad Bunny, “RENAISSANCE” by Beyoncé, “Good Morning Gorgeous” by Mary J. Blige, “In These Silent Days” by Brandi Carlile, “Music of the Spheres” by Coldplay, “Special” by Lizzo, and “Harry’s House” by Harry Styles.
“RENAISSANCE” is the anticipated winner according to most music prediction sources because though Beyoncé has more Grammys than any other artist, she has never won album of the year.
According to the survey, CFHS students reported that from a list of twelve popular albums released in 2022, the majority only listened to two or three albums from start to finish. Album listening has become less common among casual music listeners, as so much music is constantly absorbed. Many people only know popular songs rather than an entire album.
The majority of CFHS students surveyed reported that they listened to at least two songs from five of the twelve albums listed, which is more than the number of albums they listened to from start to finish.
Likewise, 55% of the students said they are “sometimes” familiar with current popular music, 32.5% said they’re “always” familiar, and 12.5% said they are “rarely” familiar.
Sophomore Theo Hawk’s favorite album from this year was “Gemini Rights” by Steve Lacy. Steve Lacy’s first EP came out in 2017, but “Gemini Rights” gained him immense recognition after hitting No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100. Hawk particularly loves this album because of the way “it combines a lot of soulful R&B with Brazilian influences.” His favorite song on the album is “Helmet.”
Additionally, Senior Julianne Rankin’s favorite album this year was one not listed on the survey, “LP3” by Hippo Campus. Her favorite song is “Ashtray” because she loves the “time signature and drums, and how the mood and tone changes throughout the song” she said.
“It is my favorite album because the songs are a great mix of chill music and music to jam out to,” said Julianne. “It really fits any mood I’m feeling.”
Rankin said that those who like artists such as Wallows or Beach Bunny would like Hippo Campus.
The 2023 Grammys will be aired on February 5, so tune in to hear which albums will win the most coveted awards in music.