Christmas Traditions at CFHS


Students in CFHS are ready for the Christmas season and they are preparing to celebrate with their family traditions. Students at CFHS have many different Christmas traditions and here are some student’s favorite ones. 

A classic holiday tradition is junior Tyler Saccone’s massive family dinner. 

“I love getting together with my family for dinner. It’s such a fun experience, and I enjoy getting to see all my cousins,” said Saccone. 

Many students at CFHS have a similar tradition to this, but that is because Christmas is such a great time to spend time with family. 

“It’s almost like a second Thanksgiving dinner,” said Saccone. 

` Having the tradition of a large Christmas dinner gets the family together the same way Thanksgiving does.

“My favorite foods we have during our Christmas dinner is the prime rib and turkey,” said Saccone.

Even though the food is very important to Saccone, he enjoys spending time with his family even more.

Saccone loves spending time with his family on Christmas because it is one of the only times they can all get together at once. 

A less common yet just as fun Christmas tradition comes from CFHS junior Liam Butler. This tradition is called “The Christmas Pickle.” 

“Our family has a glass pickle ornament that gets hidden somewhere on the Christmas tree and on Christmas morning whoever finds the pickle gets a small bonus gift,” said Butler. 

This tradition is practiced by many in the United States but its true origins are unknown. However there are many theories about where the tradition originated. 

A common myth is that it comes from Germany, but this is not true. The myth comes from the fact that there were vegetable shaped ornaments imported from Germany in the 1880s. 

The truth about where the tradition of looking for the Christmas pickle to get an extra Christmas present is unknown, but that is what makes it such an interesting tradition. 

“My brother and I used to get really competitive while looking for it,” said Butler

Games like this are a great tradition to do with family.

Another pretty common Christmas tradition is traveling during Christmas break. CFHS junior Dylan Babic and his family travel every year on Christmas Eve. 

“We travel to Pittsburgh to see our family every year on Christmas Eve,” said Babic. 

Winter break is a great time to travel with all the time off from school. Traveling with family is a fun way to spend the holidays and relax. 

“Normally we just go to Pittsburg, but this year we are going to go to New York City as well,” said Babic. 

The Babics are really excited to go to a place they have never been before and spend time with each other.

“Our mom surprised us with the fact that we are going to New York recently, and my sisters and I can’t wait,” said Babic. 

The students here at CFHS all have their own unique traditions, but they all love to spend time with their families during the holiday season.