Deck the Falls

Photo Courtesy of Give!

Photo Courtesy of Give!

On both December 10 and December 17, many citizens will flood downtown Chagrin Falls to share and embrace their Christmas spirit. Give!, the Chagrin Valley Women’s League, sponsors the event. It is expected that roughly 200 people will attend, though 3,600 have shown interest. Individuals who choose to participate can head to Triangle Park from 11 am to 2 pm. 

Give! The Chagrin Valley Women’s League is a nonprofit organization that uses fundraising and volunteer efforts to solve specific issues in the Chagrin Valley Community and its neighboring communities. The organization focuses on fulfilling the needs of women, children, and the elderly. Through fundraising, social events, and volunteer work, the membership creates unique friendships and support for the community. 

Currently, the president is Andrea Ayyappan. Lindsay Lodge is the secretary, Therese Zdesar takes care of community affairs, Tamara Shisila is the treasurer, and Meagan Mulloy runs social media. Though, there are many other women on the board. 

Many events will be taking place during the festivity. Children and parents can visit Santa in the gazebo and take fun family photos. Give! explains that there will be a sleigh and many uniquely decorated trees, as well as the iconic giant tree in the center of Triangle Park. Moreover, those who plan to attend can also choose to visit a balloon artist and play holiday-themed games. These games include but are not limited to stacking the gifts, pin the nose on the snowman, and a candy cane hunt. 

Chagrin Falls High School senior Julia Vanderbilt looks forward to attending the event. 

“It’s such a fun way to bring people in our community together and it’s things like this that really make Chagrin special and set it apart from other communities,” said Vanderbilt. 

The fun does not stop there. Deck the Falls also will host a DJ who will play holiday music, and offer cookies and hot cocoa. Additionally, there will be a scavenger hunt for younger children. The overall goal of the event is to spread holiday cheer and lift spirits. 

“I also think that it is a good way to promote local businesses and stores because people who aren’t from Chagrin will visit. I know that if I didn’t live here and I heard about this that I would definitely wanna come,” Vanderbilt said. 

When asked his opinion on Deck the Falls, senior Andrew Nachtwey showed excitement. 

“Christmas is my favorite holiday and I think a large part of the reason why is because of Chagrin Falls and how the community decorates and gets people in the Christmas spirit,” Nachtwey said. 

The Deck the Falls event will certainly boost the holiday spirit in Chagrin, along with bringing people and families together. 

“I’m looking forward to it and I think it is going to be very popular and have a great turnout with a lot of family and friends coming to support. The event is definitely going to be a great way to start off the holiday season,” Nachtwey said.