Chagrin Students Favorite Christmas Tunes


Photo courtesy of Google Commons

You know Christmas is in the air when you can turn on the radio and hear magical holiday music through the speakers. No matter what holiday you celebrate, Christmas music can bring holiday cheer to anyone. The great debate about when Holiday time starts is a major controversy amongst Chagrin students. 

Senior Julia Vanderbilt feels very strongly that Christmastime does not set in until after December 1.

“If you start to celebrate too early I find that the magic of the holiday season starts to fade. I always start off my holiday spirit, on December 1st, with building and decorating a gingerbread house with my family,” Vanderbilt said.

However, senior Luke Munday starts celebrating on the dot right after Thanksgiving. Getting the real Christmas tree from the tree farm is a very important aspect of his Christmas celebration. 

Munday Said “The Christmas spirit does not really start until after getting the tree. Trying to get the tree on top of the car marks the beginning of Christmas.”

The favorite Christmas song amongst Chagrin students range from very slow classics to new, modern and upbeat songs.

Senior Olivia Wirbel’s favorite Christmas song comes from the family tradition of putting up her family Christmas tree.

“Every year my family listens to the Justin Bieber Christmas album while putting up our Christmas decorations. My favorite song off the album is ‘Mistletoe’, obviously,” said Wirbel

Senior Mary Ann Hoelzel favorite Christmas song is any orchestral version of the classic Christmas tunes.

“My most favorite orchestral version of Christmas is ‘Sleigh Ride’. I love it. It is an exhilarating musical experience that proves the importance of percussion in Christmas tunes,” Hoelzel said. 

Senior Ella Snyder’s favorite Christmas song is an older tune.

“My favorite Christmas song is called ‘Christmas is Coming’. It is an old English tune that is a round and super fun to sing! I found it through the Muppets Christmas album, my favorite Christmas album,” Snyder said.