Fall in Chagrin Falls!


Photo courtesy of Zenith Photographer

As leaves start to fall and the air becomes crisp, the magical atmosphere of fall has fallen in Chagrin Falls. From the Chagrin Film Festival to the many community activities, fall is a wonderful time. 

Freshman Marley McJennett is experiencing her first fall in Chagrin Falls. She is new to the district this year and has loved every moment.

“I love the fall in Chagrin because the town feels like a scene out of a Hallmark movie,” said McJennett.

Senior Nathan Hill has been in Chagrin Falls his whole life. He has loved the tradition of going to town since he was in elementary school.

“My favorite thing is going to the local cafe Heartwood for a fall treat and walking around town admiring the autumnal scenery,” said Hill.

Every year, Local Chagrin Falls stores hold a “Bootique” event in which they pass out candy on the 27th as a precursor to the famous Chagrin Falls trick or treating. Chagrin Falls is known for the trick or treating that takes place on Halloween. It is a community wide event in which most community members participate. Senior Faith Pfaff has a tradition of passing out candy every year. 

“It is one of my favorite things seeing all the kids in their Halloween costumes and the joy in their faces when they get the candy,” Pfaff said.

Every year taking a trip to an apple orchard is a must. This year, the CFHS Connect Club had an excursion to Eddy’s Fruit Farm on October 9. It was a great way to bring in fall and have a way to participate in the community. Freshman Eloise Pulte was able to participate in her first out of school Connect Club meeting. She loved all of the activities that were there.

“I liked painting the pumpkins and meeting new friends,” said Pulte. 

Football is also a vital part of fall for Chagrin Falls community members. It gives families a way to come together and have family time.

 “Football is very important to my family. It is a great way for us to bond with each other. We all sit together on the couch and have one of our favorite fall meals together, chili,” said Burgess.

Chagrin Falls is an inviting and enchanting place during the fall. “I have never experienced a place as wonderful as Chagrin during the fall,” said McJennet.