Chagrin Falls students thoughts on Ye


Photo Courtesy of Edward Berthelot/GC Images

From releasing inspirational music to taking a political stand, and expressing controversial political opinions, to a multimillion follower social media platform, CFHS jewish students have many thoughts about rapper, producer, and businessman Ye’s recent actions.

Many argue that Ye’s rampage of anti-Semitism started right after he wore a White Lives Matter sweatshirt during a fashion show. 

CFHS senior Samuel Kleid was originally a huge fan of Ye. 

“Kanye West was one of my favorite artists and I constantly listened to his songs. I knew he had had incidents before and I always question his behavior,” Kleid stated.

Kleid has been listening to Ye for a very long time and got extremely hurt after the anti-Semetic comment.

“I was definitely offended, I felt hurt that he would ever think to spread these hateful ideas,” Kleid said.

After receiving a huge amount of backlash Ye explained the tweet was meant for “Jewish Business” that have done him wrong in the past. Yet that is no excuse for stereotyping all Jewish people and making a threat to millions of Americans.

Ye has a huge influence on people’s lives, amassing 18.4 million followers on instagram. 

“When people hear what he says, they will be motivated to act on the hateful thoughts they might actually have, leading to a possible increase in anti-Semitic hate crimes,” Kleid argued.

In addition, Kleid, seniors Ava Kane and Riley Myers have raised many concerns in regards to Ye’s mental health. 

“I think it’s very troubling that he lets his mental illness affect him in this way and also troubling that he’s gotten away with similar hateful comments before,” Kleid argued.

Myers agrees that Ye’s mental state seems to be influencing his statement and actions online.

“At this point, you can’t even use his mental illnesses as an excuse,” Myers believed.

Ye hasn’t gone unchecked for his actions. From losing many millions followers, getting banned on twitter, Yeezy terminating their partnership, and inciting violence. Many believe this is not adequate for the hateful ideals he is spreading.

“But I think all social media needs to ban him and people need to stop interviewing him and giving him a voice,” Kane stated.

On the other hand balancing freedom of speech and censoring hate speech is also a concern. Social media cannot just “cancel” someone for having a difference of opinions.

“But I still believe anyone with that large of a platform should never spew hate as he does,” Myers said.