Recap of the Cleveland Guardians surprising season


Photo courtesy of Google Commons

The Cleveland Guardians have been the team to watch since the Major League Baseball season started on April 7. 

According to David Schoefield, an ESPN writer, the Guardians had a preseason ranking at number 20 with a 15% chance of making the playoffs. The Guardians came off of an 80-82 record last season coming just short of the playoffs.

With almost all odds against them, the team ended up with a 92-70 record winning their division which guaranteed them a playoff spot. This record was not achieved by luck, but it was achieved by the phenomenal play of their players.

Jose Ramirez, the 3rd baseman for the Guardians, had a stellar season leading up to the playoffs. Jose Ramirez, in his tenth season with Cleveland, is a huge leader for the Guardians. Ramizerz racked in 126 runs batted in which is ranked third in the whole MLB.

“Jose is my favorite player to watch. As a Guardians fan, there is no better feeling than watching Jose step up to the plate. He is a consistent and great hitter who is feared by teams around the league,” senior Julian Hink said.

Jose was not the only one who had an amazing year. Cleveland was also led by former CY Young Award winner Shane Bieber. The CY Young Award is given to the best pitchers in baseball. Without Jose and Shane, the Guardians would have been in a much different place.

“When Bieber is pitching for the Guardians we know it is gonna be a good game. He is a deadeye pitcher who picks his spot and places the ball there. Every team needs a pitcher that they can lean on and Shane is that guy for the team,” sophomore Ryan Curtiss stated.

Guardians manager Terry Francona also known as “Tito” has never had a team this young. The Guardians are the youngest team in the MLB with six rookies on the roster.

Those rookies are Steven Kwan, Will Benson, Oscar Gonzales, Will Brennan, Gabriel Arias, and Bo Naylor. 

“It’s great to see a young team go so far in the playoffs. A 90-win team with not only the youngest team but a team that has the lowest payroll in the MLB,” Hink said.

Since the playoffs started on October 7 the Guardians have performed. With such a young team the world thought the limited experience would destroy the team. But, the Guardians had other thoughts. 

The Guardians won their first round of the playoffs against the Tampa Bay Rays in a 2-1 series finish. Then lost their second round against the Yankees in a 3-2 series finish. 

A tough loss that will stick with the team as they prepare in the offseason. Just another reason for more motivation as the team looks to repeat success.

A phenomenal season for the Guardians that will not be forgotten. The Guardians had 4 Golden Glove Award winners on the team. Those winners are Steven Kwan, Myles Straw, Andres Gimenez, and Shane Bieber. The Golden Glove Award is given to the best defender at each position. The Guardians are the first team to have 4 winners in 19 years.

“Lots of potential in the coming years,” Hink said.