Businesses clash with the opening of two new companies at CFHS


Photo courtesy of Mary Catherine Cain

Business is booming at Chagrin Falls High school. In the coming weeks, two businesses, The Zoo Products, and Chag Pack will be opening up for customers. Both companies were started as part of Mr. Bakalars E-Commerce class. 

The E-commerce teacher, Mr. John Bakalar’s goals with this class are clear.

“I want students to get an authentic experience of running a small business,” he explained. 

The process has been changed from last year’s businesses, Chag Swag and Glogrin, to include two companies at the same time that compete to sell Chagrin Falls High School themed merchandise.

“Each business will have 9 students and be able to function more efficiently with 2  students per department and a CEO to oversee everything,” Bakalar added.

The competition will be simple, the two brands will sell their products and work to make a profit. The brand that makes the biggest profit will earn a 500-dollar reward split evenly across the business. 

Senior Anthony Rybak, CEO of The Zoo Products, is looking forward to beginning to sell merchandise. 

“We have been constantly creating new designed clothing and advertisements for the upcoming weeks,” Rybak said.

The Zoo Products will be selling merchandise to cater to Chagrins student section “The Zoo.” Rybak explained that on top of long sleeve and short sleeve shirts, they plan to implement new products never sold before by an e-commerce class company. They have designed Rally Towels, and new “The Zoo” Jerseys. The process has been lengthy for Rybak and his employees, but he wants one thing to come out of it.

 “For the employees, their job is to have fun. I would like this opportunity to be seen as a joyful experience rather than a task,” Rybak explained. 

As for Chag Pack, their business model takes a similar approach with a completely different strategy. The brand will sell boxes with a combination of items including merchandise and toys. They will also hold a raffle with merch prizes to increase profits.

“We came up with the idea of Chag Pack to try and create something that makes us stand out, something that other businesses haven’t tried,” said senior Charlie Fredrick, head of sales at Chag Pack.

With both businesses opening up for sale, Zoo Products on November 3 and Chag Pack on November 4, the competition will be in full swing. 

”The overall presence of [Chag Pack] in the same room builds a rivalry between the two companies,” Rybak added. 

“Other than their presence we are certainly motivated to sell much more products than them,” he continued. 

Bakalar explained he was very motivated to make the brands compete.

“I have found during my time here that Chagrin students are very competitive by nature,” he said. 

He is very excited about the coming sales and hopes that students will buy the products and that the impact of the competition will be nothing but beneficial. 

“Competition breeds innovation and success,” Bakalar finished.