Chagrin Falls Girls Soccer Puts an End to a Great Season


courtesy of Zenith photographer


Chagrin Falls Girls soccer won 1-0 against the Aurora Greenmen in the second 2022 playoff game on October third. Earlier that week, the Tigers defeated the Norton Panthers 8-1. Chagrin kept a 9-5-5 winning record. The Tigers leading goal scorer, senior Elana McGinnis has scored an incredible 21 goals.

Sophomore Brix Niethammer is a varsity starter for the Chagrin Tigers.

“These last few games we really felt a switch in our play. The team has been working so well together and we are communicating better. We finally realized what works and doesn’t and have carried that style of play throughout the season,” Niethammer said. 

Varsity starting sophomore Maggie Goss said the highlight of this season was beating their rival Kenston.

 “The bond that I build with my teammates is one that I will never lose, I love getting to see the classmates that I don’t get to see in school at soccer,” Goss said.

In the 2021-2022 season, there were 3 seniors, seeing these seniors leave was challenging for the program.

 “We had such a close relationship with the seniors, one of which including our goalie, Peyton Gellin.

 The Tigers adjusted to a new goalie so quickly. 

When the seniors left we had to change as individual players and as a team,” Niethammer said. 

Maintaining confidence at this time is difficult for the team due to the pressure on them this year following their victory at the state championship last year, 

“Last year we didn’t have to prove anything to anyone so we could go out and play comfortably but this year, it feels like all eyes are on us and so it’s been difficult to push those thoughts away,” Goss said. 

The third play off game was played against the Bay Rockets at Padua High School on Thursday, October 27. Chagrin put up a good fight, but the Rockets won 3-0, a devastating loss for the Tigers. The relationship between the players is so special,

 “My teammates always lift me up. After a bad play or just when I’m in my head they always get me back on track. I really rely on them and wouldn’t know what to do without them,” Niethammer said.

Maggie Oliver is a Junior on varsity playing defense for the tigers.

 “My teammates are very supportive of me and keep me confident. If I mess up in a game, I can get really down and negative about myself because I feel bad, but my teammates are always there to reassure me that I’m doing great and that they have my back if I mess up,” Oliver said.

 The 10 seniors, Elana Mcginnis, Caitlyn Young, Oakleigh Niethammer, Kate Bartlett, Ruby Manthe, Sophia Stevenson, Elizabeth Rankin, Anna Coy, Ella Cimperman and Gracie Blair have finished a great final season. Passing the Program down to the future Tigers is bittersweet for the seniors, but overall there is so much potential throughout the school. “This season was unforgettable,” Oliver said.