November Car Of The Month


Photo Courtesy of Dylan Babic

Drivers of CFHS need to watch out because there is a brand new driver in the parking lot. Chagrin Falls junior Dylan Babic just got his license and he is driving the November car of the month. 

Babic’s bright red Land Rover has already become one of the most iconic cars in the CFHS parking lot. 

Babic chose the car because of the modern features as well as the fact that the Land Rover is an incredible stylish car.

Chagrin Falls junior and friend of Babic’s, Luke Weaver loves the car. 

“The bright red coloring really makes it stick out from the crowd.” said Weaver

“I love the black rims and panoramic sunroof.” said Babic’s mother. 

“My favorite feature is the dial to shift gears. It’s much more convenient than the stick.” stated Babic.

The sleek design of the car and bright red coloring is what makes this car stand out in the CFHS parking lot.

Babic received the car as a late birthday present from his mother when he passed his driving test earlier this month. Babic’s mother is incredibly proud of him, but she is also worried as any mother would be about their child starting to drive. 

“I’m terrified, but also really excited,” she said. 

Driving to school can be nerve racking for new drivers. It can cause some anxiety being around so many cars that belong to people you know. 

“Sometimes I get worried people are watching me because I had to redo my parking,” Babic said.

People are definitely watching him, but not because he is bad at parking, but rather because his car stands out from the rest. 

Babic was always excited to be able to start driving to school because he wanted to show off his new car and have more freedom. Open campus is a privilege many juniors and seniors have, but it is not practical without being able to drive. Once he got his license though everything changed.

“I felt less stressed at school since I could go home during lunch after a stressful first half of the day,” said Babic. 

Babic has really enjoyed his time driving to school. 

“It’s a lot less stressful on my mom since she doesn’t have to drive my sisters and I to and from school,” said Babic. 

Babic always likes to have his car clean and looking its best. 

“I want everyone in the car to have a comfortable experience, especially my sisters,” said Babic. 

Babic has only been driving for a few weeks and it’s already known as one of the most stylish cars at CFHS.