Chagrin Falls Boo-tique Event


      On Thursday, October 28, the streets of downtown Chagrin Falls will be filled with those in costume. The annual Boo-tique event is back, and new activities and Halloween music will be added to the mix this year. The Chagrin Falls Merchant Association hosts the event, and it is expected that roughly 160 people will attend within the two-hour duration, though 1,200 have shown interest. Individuals can attend at any time between four and six pm. 

      The main event is trick or treating; children can go to any participating store to receive candy. Those who choose to attend must be in costume. Additionally, the majority of stores and boutiques in downtown Chagrin Falls participate. 

      Senior Ava Latore has younger siblings who plan on attending this year’s Boo-tique trick-or-treating event. “It’s a super cute tradition and definitely helps to set Chagrin apart from other places,” said Latore.

       Latore said, “It’s also a great way to meet new people and the owners of the stores. The event really pulls the community and families together.” 

      Senior Andrew Nachtwey said, “I think the Boo-tique thing is definitely fun for younger people and it especially targets new, young families. It gives really young kids a chance to trick or treat in a super safe environment. I’m not sure if it was a thing when I was a kid, but I would have loved trick-or-treating at the stores.”

      In addition to being loved by families and children, store owners adore the event. Boo-tique trick-or-treating allows store owners, managers, and employees to make a connection within the community. A relatively new store, Kelsey Elizabeth Cakes, came to Chagrin in late June. Currently, the bakery is filled with fall flavors and Halloween sweets. When asked about her participation in the Boo-tique event, store manager Aubrie Rivera said she looks forward to it but does not know what to expect. 

       “Chagrin Falls is very unique for a variety of reasons. When this location first opened, Kelsey (owner) misjudged the strong sense of community and the number of events hosted in Chagrin,” said Rivera. Because Chagrin Falls constantly is hosting different activities and events, it can be difficult for a small business to stay updated. Those at Kelsey Elizabeth Cakes were unaware of the Boo-tique event until recently, but Rivera expressed her interest in participating. 

      “I think it would be a great opportunity for the bakery for many reasons. We would be able to form a closer connection with our returning customers and hopefully meet new ones,” said Kelsey Elizabeth Cakes employee Riley Lavine. 

      The Chagrin Falls Boo-tique trick-or-treating event is loved by everyone in the Chagrin Falls community. From high school students to store owners, the event is adored and citizens are glad to have the opportunity. With Halloween music, candy, and unique events, Boo-tique trick or treating is a great way to spend a Thursday night and get in the Halloween spirit. 

      “Honestly it’s an adorable tradition and event in Chagrin Falls and a great way for little kids to make new friends and socialize,” said Lavine.