Choir cabaret returns to the stage

Choir cabaret returns to the stage

On October 8, Chagrin Falls choir students had the ability to participate in a cabaret performance at the high school in order to fundraise money for the Chagrin Falls Drama Department. Students raised around $500 this year. 

Because of Covid, the choir cabaret has looked different the past two years, but this year it was the first year back in the black box theatre since 2019.This was an exciting time for students as it gives a creative outlet for performance and backstage learning. 

Sophomore Lena Tucker had her hand in the spotlight booth for the first time. Tucker learned how to work the spotlights 20 minutes prior to the show when the selected spots person fell ill.

“Learning to do spots so quickly was very exciting and nerve racking at the same time. It was so much fun learning and being able to see all the performers absolutely kill it. This was my first time being backstage and definitely will not be my last!” Tucker said.

Choir cabaret allows for a safe and supportive environment for students to learn new things and not be judged. Seniors Julia Ashkettle and Ava Kane sang a duet of Good Days by SZA. There were some technical difficulties that made this performance even more memorable.

My favorite part was laughing with the crowd after Julia and I messed up. It made us feel comfortable and it was such a memorable moment,” Kane said. 

Many students would wish they could change what happened if they messed up. Kane disagreed and would not have changed it for the world.

“Honestly, the performance was not the best. We got off the track and started laughing, but I wouldn’t change anything. It made everything more fun,” said Kane.

Going along with the theme of cabaret providing a safe and caring environment, senior Mary Ann Hoelzel both sang and played piano for the first time. 

“The audience was so supportive. I was really nervous to play and sing at the same time but I think it went well! I was hard on myself for messing up but I slayed!” said Hoelzel. 

Choir cabaret is a vital and memorable part of the drama department at Chagrin. It is something seniors will miss dearly. 

 “It’s very sad. I’ve been doing it since freshman year but I felt it ended on a really good note. I have been able to learn and grow from these performance experiences. I hope incoming students and underclassmen realize the great opportunity that this provides,” said Kane.