Homecoming – Ranked


Photo courtesy of Cavanaugh Photography

       For weeks, students have been preparing for Homecoming on Saturday, October 1. In addition to asking dates, students partake in pictures, dinner, the actual dance, and an after-party.

      Senior Andrew Nachtwey describes the process as being long and time-consuming. 

      “I like Homecoming, but only certain parts of it,” Nachtwey said.

       After interviewing a plethora of students, Homecoming has been ranked. 

      “Obviously the afterparty is number one,” said senior Riley Myers. Afterparties are after the dance, often held at a student’s home. There are usually themes, and students dress to match the themes. 

       “I like the afterparty best because we all get to talk to each other and kind of let loose. It helps combat the stress of getting ready and planning everything in groups.”

       In second place is dinner. This may be an unpopular opinion for some. However, dinner can be fun and entertaining when with friends. 

      “Planning dinners is pretty stressful, especially when there is a big group because we need to break people up. But after groups and reservations are made it’s really fun because you’re with your close friends and you get to go to nice restaurants,” said senior Ava Latore. 

       Pictures are one of the most stressful parts of Homecoming. In addition to planning a location, groups, and outfits, students often have differing opinions on pictures. “I don’t love taking pictures because it takes so long,” said Nachtwey.

        On the contrary, Latore said, “I think pictures are fun because they give us an excuse to all get ready and they create memories.” Despite these differing opinions, pictures were ranked third. 

         In fourth place is the actual dance. Many aspects affect individuals’ opinions on the actual dance. The most important thing is the DJ. “Music makes or breaks the dance,” said Latore. Good music can lead to a fun dance and high student participation. Myers said that she enjoys the dance because she is able to be with her friends and dance to music without worrying about anything else. However, the dance was ranked lower because of the many complaints students have every year. 

       “It’s really hot,” said senior Julia Vanderbilt. “And a lot of people don’t dance which makes it awkward for everyone else.”

         Finally, in last place, is the act of asking a date. Junior Kate McClain said, “It’s always really awkward especially when you don’t know the person super well.” Generally, boys make signs and have unique ways to ask dates to the dance. While this is popular amongst freshmen, the older students find the task to be more annoying than entertaining.

        “I feel like as you get older [asking dates] loses its spark. Like most people just text each other now,” said Nachtwey. Though, asking dates can be a fun way to create excitement for the dance.

        Vanderbilt said, “It’s kinda fun because you realize how soon Homecoming is and it gives you something to look forward to.” 

        Despite the many differing opinions, students at Chagrin Falls High School seem to enjoy Homecoming. Latore said, “I love it and I’m so sad that this is my last one.”