Chagrin Falls Women’s Tennis Finishes a Great Season


photo courtesy of Nathan Hill

The Chagrin Falls Women’s Tennis team just put an end to a great season with sectionals. Sectionals were hosted at Hawken Upper School on October 3. 

Sophomore Delaney Joyce has been on varsity since freshman year.

 “Sectionals was probably the best we have played all year. We put so much effort into giving our all despite really tough competition in our section,” Joyce said.

The team is not advancing, but will now reflect deeply on their memorable season. The relationship between the players is significant on and off the court. 

Lady tiger junior Lyla Breeden is a respectful player that keeps control on and off the court. 

“Having a positive mindset is essential for tennis, it is so easy to become upset mid-match, I try to push any negative thoughts out of my head; this helps me stay controlled and keep a positive attitude against my opponents,” Breeden said. 

“Everyone on the team is connected on a personal level. We are like a family in a way where everyone has each other’s back and brings each other up,” Joyce said.

This connection is proved through the team bonding exercises, and how wonderfully the tigers get along. 

Junior Varsity sophomore, Sophia Martens, like many others, is preparing for next season by working hard and playing in the off-season. 

 “The coaches Sue Overholt and Stacy Casamento help support the team greatly, by encouraging us to do our best,” Martens said.

These coaches have done so much for the women’s tennis team. In past years sectionals remained difficult for these girls because of the division that they play in. The Women’s tennis environment is exceptional,

 “Being on this team, to me, is being part of a system of trust and friendship. No matter who is playing, the team takes wins and losses together and that is a really important dynamic in my opinion,” Joyce said.

 This season has been a rollercoaster for the girls. The team ended the season with an 11-4 record. 

“The team chemistry was amazing, everyone got along super-well and we had such a fun time,”Martens said reflecting on the season. 

  Breeden defeated the Beachwood Bison’s Charlotte Doughty in a Tie Breaking match. The Tigers played very difficult teams this year. This was a big win for the Team. 

 Support is important to the team dynamic knowing that the Varsity Tigers are encouraged.

 “I always watched them play and cheered for them so they would know I supported them,” Martens said, she then followed with “My teammates always support me, hype me up, and are encouraging by telling me positive things.”

 There will be big shoes to fill as the current seniors, Tori Seitz and Marta Insolia graduate next year, but there are plenty of eager Junior Varsity players competing for spots. As their unforgettable season commenced these unbelievable tennis players made the most out of it.

“I am so grateful to be a part of this team. I am so lucky to be able to build strong friendships with the people that I wouldn’t normally interact with as much.

 This team has a way of bringing people together that nobody would expect, it’s amazing,” Breeden said.