Homecoming Parade and Pep Rally in Chagrin Falls


Mary Catherine Cain

Photo of Seniors Julia Ashkettle and Charlie Frederick at the Homecoming Parade. Photo taken by yearbook editor in Chief, Mary Catherine.

On Wednesday, September 28, Chagrin Falls conducted a Homecoming pep rally for all fall sports and Homecoming court. It started at Harris Stadium at approximately 6 PM. 

The Homecoming pep rally was kickstarted with the annual Homecoming parade that began at the Intermediate school and ended at the high school. Chagrin families and friends lined up along East Washington to watch. 

Within the Homecoming parade were individual cars for each fall sport and the Homecoming court.

Seniors Julia Ashkettle wasa contender for Homecoming Queen. She was escorted by Charlie Frederick, starting linebacker for the football team. 

“The parade was very cool. Seeing all of the parents and kids was pretty special,” Fredrick stated.

Senior James Kosmides was also in the parade accompanied by Camille Zitney. Kosmides plays for the high school basketball team and this is his first time on Homecoming Court. 

“The whole experience was special. Seeing all the parents on the side of the road, and seeing all the students in the stands was pretty cool,” Kosmides said.

The pep rally itself was very exciting. The stands were filled with family and friends, and team members of each fall sport. The cheer team had a show, and speeches were given by representatives of each sport. Everyone was ecstatic to hear these speeches.

“The speeches were all very short and concise,” stated senior Nick Vinci. “But they definitely got the point across.”

The speeches were all similar, as they were a few seconds long and consisted of encouraging words towards the representative’s sport.

After speeches were given, the Homecoming court was introduced. Each couple marched across the field as they were announced. 

“It was very cool to be able to see the stands from the perspective of a Homecoming attendee,” said Fredrick. “I also have a great feeling Julia will be Homecoming queen.” 

Ironically, a couple weeks later, at the Homecoming football game, Julia was pronounced the Homecoming queen.

Senior Avery Polcar, was also a part of the Homecoming court. Polcar was also a representative of the Chagrin Varsity Cheer Team. She gave a speech about congratulating all of the sports teams and their successes, accompanied by senior Nicholas Vinci.

“I was so excited when I heard my name called, because it is such an honor. It was so fun and I was so happy to get to share the experience with my close friends and Nicholas,” Polcar said. 

 Sophomore Parker Courtright was a student in the stands, a representative of the football team. Courtright is a starting player on the Varsity football team. He was in the stands cheering for their fellow representatives giving speeches: Grant Alberts and Donny Hardy. 

“Seeing Donny and Grant down there was awesome. I especially liked when Donny said, ‘Tigers country, let’s ride’,” Courtright exclaimed. 

With all of this positive feedback, CFHS could plan to keep doing the parade and pep rally for years to come. Their goal is to shine light on all of the fall sports and Homecoming court. It would be good for the students and Chagrin itself.