Newest Items at Tiger Perk


Photo by Louie Sutte

Your very own Tiger Perk cafe, located in Chagrin Falls High School, has the newest and most delicious drinks, including mocha or vanilla frappe as well as a strawberry, banana, and blueberry smoothie. These new items are here to stay with positive reviews from students.
One student giving high remarks is junior Cole Kilby.
“Absolutely scrumptious,” Kilby described these new items.
Kilby also said that the Tiger Perk employees are very kind and help in any way they can.
“Employees treat the customers with respect and kindness and have great customer service and you can tell they hustle to make those coffee,” Kilby exclaimed.
In addition to Kilby giving high praises on the new items, junior William Graham agrees that the new items are delicious and the service at Tiger Perk is great.
Tiger Perk is more than a delicious cafe, working in coordination with the special education department. It teaches important life skills and gives the employees the opportunity to get real job experience which could not be possible in the classroom.
Junior Zoe Jones, an employee at Tiger perk, expressed that she didn’t choose Tiger Perk, Tiger Perk chose her.
Jones expresses that you learn valuable work experience other than life skills.
“It definitely benefits the workers! You get experience using a cash register with digital currency, you learn the recipes, you learn to work together with people who you’d typically never see, and you get experience in customer service. There’s also the service hours we get for working!” Jones said.
Jones said she had no intention of working at Tiger Perk.
“One of my teachers noticed I pretty much had a three hour long study hall every Wednesday, and asked if I wanted to join!” Jones states.
Jones has been working her way up the corporate ladder having a little bit of a say in the newest items. Which offers valuable input from students in the school and how they could react.
When Tiger perk first introduced their items to students they sold out instantly.
“The new items are definitely popular! We ran out of our Vanilla Frappe nearly as soon as we released it!” Jones exclaimed.
With more and more ideas coming to further Tiger Perks array of coffee or tea selections.
“But we don’t want to overwhelm the staff with too many different orders!” Jones stated.
In addition to getting new items to Tiger Perk people have offered their insight of how to make Tiger Perk an even better environment. Kilby suggests a bell to be rung for every completed order, as well as Jones suggesting that they play some great tunes with the availability of the bluetooth speakers.
All in all, Tiger Perks hit new items, friendly baristas like Zoe Jones, and the benefit you are giving to the employees that work there. Nothing is stopping you from going and joining the “very pleasant environment.”