Future growth of the restaurant industry in downtown Chagrin Falls


Photo by Henry Ryan

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic eased its grip on the restaurant industry, many new restaurants opened up in downtown Chagrin, most showing massive success. 

A large number of restaurant goers flocked to town to get a taste of what it had to offer. Still to this day, the restaurants continue to be successful. Although restaurants are doing well right now, that doesn’t guarantee their future success. These newer restaurants have only been open for about a year, and their initial boost in popularity due to everyone wanting to eat out again may not last forever. 

Restaurants both old and new may experience a decline in customers since their new post-Covid highs. Luckily, a handful of current employees at some of the notable establishments generalize that business within the past few months has been steady. 

Senior Julianne Rankin, a local student who has worked at Pub Frato for almost a year, described the amount of customers within the last few months as fairly consistent. 

“It gets a little bit slower over the summer, but it’s pretty consistent,” said Rankin.

During the summer, Rankin noted that Pub Frato was slower, but overall there is a stable flow of patrons.

“It’s a little bit slower in the summer just because there was so much going on, now it’s a pretty steady flow of people,” said Rankin. 

Pub Frato, a newer establishment, seems to still be performing well, even after their initial popularity boost.

Another newer restaurant Etalian, has experienced a similar pattern as Pub Frato. Sophomore William Stinson who has worked at Etalian since August of this year, reported the amount of customers for the past couple months as consistent.

“It’s been pretty consistent,” said Stinson

The sustainability of this high level of customers may be an area of concern. Restaurant goers are keen to observe the quality of the service, and the experience they have dining. 

Rankin noted that sometimes there is a limited staff which may cause some complaints from customers. 

“There’s not a lot of staff so sometimes there are complaints about how a table isn’t clean, that kinda stuff,” said Rankin.

The amount of parking in downtown Chagrin comes to mind. Rankin suggested that it would not be an issue.

“The biggest thing is parking in Chagrin but that’s really not a problem when it comes to the restaurants,” said Rankin.

Stinson mentioned that even though there will be a variation in the amount of restaurant-goers between establishments, a lot will still be successful. 

“There’s so many restaurants in town that some of them are bound to have less than others but I feel like many restaurants will succeed because of the amount of customers that they have,” said Stinson. 

Overall, it appears that Chagrin Falls will continue to be a thriving restaurant hub for years to come.